Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Think of a life, with a “View Mode”

The name says it all….. Yes! You guessed it right. “This is an absolute answer for all of your question marks?”  We all can have a greedy wish for this. But, never expect this.

CUT TO-----Intro


Easily explainable things are most complicated to achieve. I have this attitude of explaining things in an easy way. Understand the rest of my expressions!!! I love leaving “the end” to the audience conclusion, let me start, by saying conclude the intro yourselves for this situation- “I started a game in my cell phone and noticed an interesting option “VIEW NEXT LEVEL”. Hope you guys completed guessing what I wanted to conclude. Let’s go Scene wise.

CUT TO-----Scene 1 “Please get ready, please don’t come”

It’s a lazy day. You get up late. There is a strong voice downstairs which says, “For god sake get ready and come soon. Don’t you remember? We have to attend Meenakshi’s wedding”. You are pissed you go crazy and shout back “Please do the honours yourselves. I am not at all interested”. By then, you get a creepy idea of switching on your view mode. View mode is activated and you see Handsome Hunks or Hot chicks in Meenakshi’s wedding and you get ready in no time. By then your parents would themselves say “Please don’t come”. Even Parents can get creepy ideas. Hope you guys completed guessing what I wanted to conclude. Let’s go to the next scene.

CUT TO-----Scene 2 “I have got it!!!”

Skinny jeans, cool tees and sunglasses, you look shiny. You start your Dad’s bike with a big smile to meet your special someone. Dad with a concerned voice says, wear the helmet. Ah! Dad, my hairstyle, think about it! Don’t you think it’s more important? I don’t wana wear…. You hear your dad’s curse “That’s fine, my money will be paid to the Government in the offence of not wearing the helmet, how can I stop you!!!” You get creepy and switch on your View mode. View mode is activated, you see a cop stopping you. You rush in, wear the helmet and start. You are very happy of what you did. Cop stops you and you say “I have got it”. Cop with a sarcastic voice says, you look young, show me your licence… You realise that in a hurry to meet your special someone, you forgot to see your view mode properly. Hope you guys completed guessing what cop would have done. Let’s go to the next scene.

CUT TO-----Scene 3 “I am not at home today.”

Hot coffee, beautiful wife what else does someone expect other than this on a holiday….?  You plan a day out with your loved one. Sketch a beautiful day for her. You plan to surprise her with your fantastic day out plan. Phone rings, with a strong voice, you answer the call. Your voice soothes after a while, Boss online, “you have to come to office today an urgent meeting with the client”. Your day is crashed. You suddenly make a plan and say, Sir, as it was a long weekend; I am not at home today. Boss says, I am in front of your home I am able to see you. Don’t fool me. Boss was creepy this time. Hope you guys completed guessing what boss would have done. Let’s go to the next scene.

CUT TO-----Scene 4 “I conclude”

What would have really happened with “view mode”? On a serious note. Many lives would have saved, many things could have changed and many disasters could have stopped.  But, what is life, if you get to know things in advance? What is life without thrill? So, let’s take life as it comes. There is a reason for everything in this world. Cheers to this puzzled life.


Wednesday, 16 November 2011

You, Me and the beautiful night.

You started it! You always do it! You never listen to me! You irritate me! GO AWAY….. This was how he started his monologue. Loneliness was his only companion. He blew his heart, to throw out the loneliness which was a part of him. Never could he be successful.

“She was beside me, where is she now? Though I can’t see her, I can feel her around me forever”- I sat beside him when he just finished saying this. I held his hand which was tender, the hand which was in hers a while ago. Consoling him with many untrue words was the only approach I knew. But, he was not one among them who heeded what I said.

He went back to that night where they had one of the lovely conversations of their lives.

Why do I feel like kissing and caressing you all the time? Those enigmatic eyes of yours, drives me into some unknown world. Why didn’t I become that good god who created you? Why was his touch the first one on you? Am I unlucky to have you so late in my world? Oh! My darling doll, I am still fortunate to have been gifted you as my love. Her elegant eyes opened up as he mumbled these words.

She heard all these exaggeration of him. Opening her eyes gently with those dimpled smile on her curvy lips and told “Stop being poetic on me my lord, you embarrass me” with her soothing voice, which was in competition with all the nightingales. I know you love me and I do not need any decorative statements to understand your pure love towards me. She knew that I was the only person who could feel her always.

I did not know this was our last conversation, a conversation which left me lonely. That night she was afraid, she was betrayed by something, her eyes were dusky, she didn’t want to sleep. Like a child who is not willing to sleep until her bed time story, she pestered me too much for the unfulfilled promises. Those promises which both of us knew that it was beyond our reach. She was poetic that night.

She started the talk with the most romantic speech, with her sweet voice. Those lines about me were the ones I always wanted to hear from her, from the beginning of our relationship. I was lost in her arms with her comforting sentences, which did not make me realise that this was my last chat with the person whom I always imagined a life with. 

“Hold my hands my lord; your lady will be no more with you after this night”. This night is her dream night, in which she is with her beloved person. Whom she always loved to be with, with whom she was most comfortable, with whom she fought utmost and with that person who she looked more than that almighty….

By closing her lips softly with a kiss, I said, you are being poetic my lady.  With a painful laugh she said. “I always loved the way you expressed yourself and your love my lord. I was hesitant of that love and thought of you every time.”  I was surprised to know that she was fearful for me. The answer came from her with those big tears rolling from her eyes.

“I miss you after this night. But, I go to the world where no one knows what happens and you are the one who will stay here and think of me every moment. We have prints of our love in nook and corner of this home. In this home, where I first stepped in with you, where I had my most romantic days with you. Where we both thought entire life together. How will you live my lord? I am scared to leave you like this.”

With all untruthful gestures, I grabbed her in my arms, which was the most hurting moment of all. I promised her to feel her around always and make her proud in the world she is in. Controlling my bundle of tears, I said, we know that we are not together after this night, my lady, but you are in me for whole of my life. Poetic love in me is expressed only to you my life…..

Saying this I made her sleep in my arms for the last time and told her, don’t be hesitant my lady there is no one around, it’s only “YOU ME and THE BEAUTIFUL NIGHT”….

Coming back to present, with his hands off from mine, he wiped his wet eyes. He asked me for a promise, a promise to love someone till eternity. As a writer, I virtually saw this unconditional love between them and I attribute this write-up to this man, who shared his story and gave a wonderful title to his love….


Thursday, 6 October 2011

I love you...

I have told I love you for many people, don’t mistake me, not in the way you are thinking. But, now genuinely I would like to say “I love you” to someone. Someone who has made my life better, splendid, spectacular… too less to expound about how miraculous my life has been because of this “someone”.

There is a famous saying in Sanskrit which says “Mounam saamathi lakshanam” means silence is the answer for acceptance. Like the saying goes, my acceptance was silence which made us go hand in hand. Same was the reaction from my “someone”.

Aren’t you folks little curious to know who this special “someone” of mine is? Okay, before I get beaten up black and blue, let me tell who this “someone” is. Oh, come on, not that person, not the other one too, not even him, or him. Actually that “Someone” is not a “He”!  Stop thinking weird about me please. This “Someone” is my cell phone’s “SILENT MODE”.

I know, I know… Silent mode can never become someone, it’s something. But this something became someone to me as this helped me too much in my life’s upcoming. This was my companion in my office meetings where I silently without anyone’s knowledge sneaked into my cell phone. It helped me to keep myself busy during boring weddings.

It took care of me when I was sleeping, by taking all my calls and messages silently. In cinema hall, in the classes I attended, in any situation I was in, my silent companion was with me to support me. To whom else will I say “I love you” other than this silent friend of mine?

I also learnt many things from this love of mine. He taught me to be silent to feel myself, to be silent when people are talking something which you have no idea about, to be silent when you are doing something very important. He taught me to be elegant enough.

Common question is, how will I be elegant, if I am silent? I was named ‘Elegant’ when I sat on a dinner table with so called high society people and had no clue about their conversation and picked up the wine glass with my hands sophisticatedly twisted exposing a fake smirk and silently muttered   “hmmmm…yes…exactly”…. People there esteemed my presence though I was silent.

Thanks to my latest love “Mr Silent mode” for his iconic presence in my life and making me blossom in midst of many, though I was Silent. As always... I love you -“Silent mode”.


Friday, 16 September 2011

My First Crush

Ah! Look at that blush on your face when you see this. I was once possessed by the same. Everyone, at least once till date, would have had crush on someone. OMG! Come back to present and concentrate on my post now. But, how many of you remember your first crush out of so many crushes you have had till date?

Ask me. I remember my first crush.  It’s very rare that we get to hear about this concept nowadays. That is “Boy meets girl, there is some spark between them, and they love each other and live happily ever after”. Trust me, long back in my higher primary, I experienced this concept. And it was just a wonderful experience if I recollect it now.

It was my school annual day celebration. I was in a play with a leading role and I was playing the role of a very beautiful lady called “Shakuntala”. You can’t see me blushing now but actually I’m. Okay, with not too many diversions let me get into the actual ‘What happened’ in my past.

Here enters the King “Dhushyantha”. This is the moment I had my first crush. We had daily rehearsals and we both hardly spoke when we were out of the character. Till the day when I saw him on stage, I dint realise he was my first crush. Oh! His charm in King’s costume is inexplicable. A perfect picture of a Greek god was on my mind. Totally I fell for him that day.

I don’t know what it was called. I was too young to do that kind of math then. That day was an awesome shocker of my life time. He came up to me and started the conversation. He said many things like- I looked pretty, I am a good actor and so on and so forth in which few are confidential.

Next day onwards we were very good pals and now I thought the concept of “Boy meets girl….” Which I told earlier, was working with me. It was hard to believe that my first crush was my first love. But, one-way traffic is always bad in case of crush or love. This went on for few days where I enjoyed my days of walking in a dream.

These creamy days of mine had to end. I told you guys that, this remained an experience to me. One day, after school it was again a rehearsal for an inter school competition. As usual I was eager to see him. He looked mesmerising even in school uniform after the annual day. He called me and told something for which, for a moment I was dumbstruck. He said it. The same thing, which I had. Yes, yes… it is the same thing. He had a “Crush” but I never heard it fully.

Finally! I said to my soul. Oh, I knew you would say this… I knew you have a crush. He accepted and said yes! I have a crush and I think it’s my first love as well. I had goose bumps when he said this. I was curious to hear my own name. Then he told, Listen! I need your help in this success of mine. I was going out of control. All my enthusiasm came down to ground zero when he told with the loudest of his voice “I have a crush with the girl who played “Sakhi (assistant of Shakuntala)” in our play.

Poor me! I stood crumpled. Didn’t have any reaction for a moment. I was his Shakuntala only in the play and not in real life. As all sad love stories, mine also ended supporting him for getting my friend. Doing favour’s for him to make her feel good. Seeing them from far and getting jealous. My entire higher primary I spent days doing this.

It was a fresh leap all together. I mean, it was my college days. I left all my sad crush story back and from there till now… I don’t know how many crushes I have had. Today, once you are done reading this post, go back and remember all those crushes in your life, smile at them. Come back and start counting new one’s guys…..


Friday, 9 September 2011

So….. What’s next?

I am typing this post in one hand. What? Did you guys ask why? Coz I am posting this just a week after I broke my collar bone. So, please ignore my mistakes…

People, what do you think on the title of this post? I dint even think before deciding on this title. For that matter I don’t think at all. But, this is the common question asked whenever I feel I have achieved something.

Right from my play home to my graduation, I’m hearing this. I am sure even you guys have faced the same. I finished my play home, I was asked. So cute! You finished your play home? So, what next? Man! How would have my parents felt for this question? Sure thing. Irritating right? If I could answer, I would have told, yes. I finished my play home and my next plan is to join IIM for my PG. Though I wished, I was not allowed to.

After I finished my 10th grade, second year PU, B.COM I was surrounded by hundreds of what’s next? But, I selected the field which I always loved. Whenever I was asked this, back of my mind was only one thing. Bloody! Enjoy the success man then let’s decide what’s next….

But somewhere in the corner of my heart, I was not different compared to any of those hundred people who asked me “so, what’s next? “. After I felt I achieved something which has to be enjoyed for quite some time, the very next moment I asked myself was…. “So… what next?”


Friday, 26 August 2011

I wonder???

I go crazy when I see you,
Is it love or is it something else?
Well, if it’s something else, what could it be?
Until I get an answer…..
I Wonder. How could I stay without you?

I feel I am just like you,
I realise I am different the very next moment.
Do you have the same feeling when you stare into my eyes with that killing glance?
Until I get an answer…..
I Wonder. How could I stay without you?

I cry for you, when you are not around
I ignore you on purpose when you are there.
I abuse you, I open up with you
And wait for a quick reaction from you….
Until I get an answer…..
I Wonder. How could I stay without you?

I always talk nonsense in front of you,
But I can’t lie, even behind your back.
Is your patience and silence making me do this?
Until I get an answer…..
I really wonder. How could I stay without you?


Wednesday, 17 August 2011

A blank canvas….

What’s on my mind today? Oops, I am blank…….

It’s about me that I assume things a lot. What if? Can I? Should I? Will I? Ah, people think I am sceptic but that’s what haunts me, because I feel I am not that. Who cares about what I am? It’s generally that what others think about me. I do things to please others; I wear things to look good to others. But where I am lost in this space is an interrogation I am battling to myself. 

I need to do something for myself to solve this examination of mine, was a new idea which struck my mind. So, now my master mind which people call sceptic mind started thinking about a solution. Though all the assumptions came in, I continued scratching my idea deeper.

I don’t know what crashed in me; I went and bought a blank canvas, stepped out of my home, went to a nearby school. As I knew the school people and the children very well, I could talk to them for a while. I asked children to do something on the blank canvas. The time I left, I got a colourful painting which had flowers, animals, chocolates and all innocent things which were expected. I then realised life is so colourful. My day was beautiful and filled with all colours that day.

Next day, same blank canvas but I thought of trying with different set of people. As it was a weekend, I went to meet my friends. After all the Hi’s and Hello’s, I gave my canvas and told them to do something with it. Then I understood, people think a lot to do something on it, unlike the kids. Why don’t we trust someone and do what they tell. It’s just because we think a lot and start making sense out of every non sense. Finally I got my filled in canvas. Guess, what it was by the end of the day? A stylish hand bag, jewellery designs, funky party atmosphere, their signatures etc. etc. painted on it. Hmmm, I got that people will not remain kids anymore because they are not kids anymore and they become self-obsessed after a point of time, may be even I was one among them.

My exploration on the blank canvas continued, I met a group of friends who were in their “mid-life”, gave my canvas and told them to do something on it. My day ended with seeing a lot like, World tour, well settled children to take care of them, lot of bank balance etc. I got that there was lot of things on my canvas but winded up with a word called “Expectation”. 

Keeping all three canvases in an order I tried drawing a conclusion from them. Oh, pictures say so many things. It’s the same person whose mind-set changes. Of course, it has to change. Why should it change? Because, if you become an adult and start thinking the way a kid thinks, people won’t accept it. And being a kid if you think like an adult people say, look he is over matured for his age. So how should I be? Finally my assumptions didn’t stop chasing a huge set of questions but what I made out of it was, we live in this world more for others and less for ourselves. And for me, my battle with the canvas ended with the kids leaving a thought saying, it will be difficult for people around you to accept a kid when you are grown up. But never let a childlike heart in you to ever die. It’s about being childlike and not childish.


Wednesday, 3 August 2011

On a lazy day……

On a lazy day, when I peeped out of my little window…..

I saw a little girl asking her poor parents an expensive chocolate; they managed to fulfil her wish….

I saw a young girl asking for rich attire in her wardrobe, they bought it with great pain without showing that pain in them….

I saw the girl as a grown up and asking for her true love.

What happened? Darkness filled around, pains and frustrations came, sorrows danced…..

All mixed feelings were from the same hands, which had once reached the heights to cover the pain.

When the bleeding hands can manage the worldly attractions, ignoring the pain, why can’t it manage the sweet love?

This was the question on my mind at the end of my day and my lazy day ended with a question mark which continued unanswered….

From a lazy day again a fresh day but with an unanswered question……


Monday, 18 July 2011

Miss you….

Miss you Honey, Miss you Darling, Miss you Sweetheart, different terms suffixed but Miss you is the prefix which means a lot to me. There may be people who think differently than me or they may not even agree with my argument but what I feel is “Miss you” is the term which brings more happiness to me than “Love You”.

In three years of my graduation days I saw many proposals, many acceptances and many heart breaks. However we friends were, by the end of each day we missed our gang too much and our good night messages had a “Miss You guys, see you soon tomorrow” always. For those wonderful thoughts which I still hold, a big “Miss you all” deserves.

It was end of our student life. People parted but there is something called attachments in this world, once you get detached from one, you get attached to another. I was ready to see the professional world. So many sophisticated people, so many meetings, so many conferences but we enjoyed that Professionalism and we all became so close that our professionalism was not seen after a few days between us. Though we are in touch, I not being in that beautiful home of friendship a big “Miss you all “deserves.

Now as I am not working and waiting for my exam results and as I hold a title of “Free as of now”, it doesn’t mean that attachment left me. It’s still with me and I am getting attached to different set of people now and in fact have got attached to many. For those people who are still near to me but so far that I miss them each moment a big “Miss you all” deserves.


Saturday, 2 July 2011


My mouth’s watering, Pizza’s, cakes, pastries etc. etc. etc… are disturbing me. The only thing on this earth which is uncontrollable is the word “Control”. This post is dedicated to me, coz I am suffering from this disease of “Control”.

I started gym from last week, for my good fate the gym is in the area where I have to cross my favourite eat outs (Mc’D, Dominos, Hot chips and many more). While I am back home after my two hour long tiring workout, all of the above will invite me like never before.

The devil inside me pops out and tells- “Hey, go for a last time. You should never disappoint people who invite you so well”. 

Angel inside me- “No Ranju, You can eat for whole of your life”. I somehow listen to Angel inside me and disappoint all the inviters, speedup my bike and come home.

When I was not on dieting, Programmes in the TV as soon as I first switched on were, Mickey Mehta’s exercises for a perfect body, Yoga from famous Gurus Etc. Now, when I am back from an exhausting workout the first thing I see on TV is Sihi Kahi Chandru’s Bombat Bojana, Sanjeev Kapoor’s Kaahana Kazana….. After seeing this I definitely understand God’s testing me.

I thought it was the end of my test from God. Because my instructor told me that I could eat egg. I was so damn happy. I love egg, so I myself call me as an “Eggitarian” coz I am not a Non –vegetarian.
With full enthusiasm I was going to the shop behind my home to buy eggs. A dog chased me and bit me. As it was a small wound not leaving my wish to eat egg, I went to the shop, bought egg, kept it at home and went to the Doctor.

I went inside the clinic; Doctor gave me the medications and conversation between us went like this.

D – With Serious voice, are you a veggie?
M- Yes Doc, But I eat only Egg.
D- You should stop eating Egg and Egg products.
M- Oh yes, I can do it. But till?
D- Till your medications are over, that is, till you complete 5 injections spread over a months’ time.
M- You mean, I should not eat egg for a month!!!
D- Yes, my dear. (With a sarcastic smile)

With an ear to ear smile on my face. I went home, returned the eggs which I had bought, to the vendor. And felt sorry for poor me for a while. But, I believe laughing at our own funny stories is the most wonderful enjoyment. So, I told all my stories to my Sis, Brother in law, Mom, Dad, Friends and laughed at myself and now I know “Control” is so “Uncontrollable”.


Tuesday, 21 June 2011

A Magical bell....

After a tiring day at office, finally I am back at home. Let me sit on my lazy chair for a while, take rest and then see what else is left for the day. 

Comfortable lazy chair, I wish I would be you in my next incarnation, so that, I could always sleep. Saying this, I went to a little nap which took me to a wonderful dream land.

That’s me in a cloudy palace, what am I doing here? I am searching for something, what’s that? That’s a bell. I am so happy holding it. Why is it so? Hmmm let’s find out what’s happening with me. I look so rich (at least in the dream) I am holding a bell which I found in this cloudy palace. I rang the bell; a servant comes and keeps my diamond studded shoes on the velvet carpet!

Here I am in a gorgeous chariot, going around my palace. I feel I have the power in my hands and I have to use it. Do you know what that power is? It is a bell which made me a princess. This bell had a special character- if I ring the bell and wish for something I want; it grants me the wish in eye blinking time.

I was a normal person with lots of ambitions to achieve. Suddenly I was a changed person with power in my hands. And all my ambitions looked small in front of the power I had got. I didn’t give a second thought as to what happens when I lose this power. I started converting all my ambitions into reality. I cut beautiful trees and constructed roads, I thought chariot is old fashioned and wished for luxury cars, I built factories, and I changed a real naturally built region into a concrete jungle. These were all made by just ringing the magical bell.

Finally after all my ambitions were done, I had to appoint more people to look after them. I appointed Chief Ministers, MP’s, MLA’s etc. etc. to administer the world I had built. One fine day at my palace I am resting with the magical bell next to me. A person rings the doorbell of the palace. Where my servants are? No body are seen? I took the bell rang it. Guess what? It’s not working.

It took a while to understand what had really happened. 

After I had built my own concrete jungle and gave a name for it as development of the society, there were people who were jealous of my progress. The news of me having the magical bell had already spread so far, that people without my notice wanted to have it and fulfil their wishes as well. When I was resting, the bell which I had used was replaced with a dummy one by the authorities whom I appointed and was used for corruption without my knowledge.

After I see there were no servants to open the door, I go near the door to open it. I was stabbed and killed by the person at the door. This was to maintain the secrecy of the bell. 

Again the door bell’s ringing and this time it’s not a dream and is a reality.  The dream had taught me a lesson .I was scared to go near the door. I panicked what if someone stabs and kills me. Then comes an aggressive voice from my sister who is standing outside in a heavy rain, yelling at me, Ranju, can you open the door for god’s sake. How many times I have to ring the bell?

I explained the whole story to my sis and with a big laugh we got out of my dream and wished this dream would not come true because if we have something so easy to make our dream come true no one in this world would strive to reach their goals.


Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Always keep smiling and laughing, it costs nothing...

Human is the only being on the earth, who has very special qualities which separates him from other animals in this world. Yes, that is his thinking power, reasoning power and most importantly smiling and laughing power. 

Imagine one fine day; you lose the power of laughing…. How will this world be? Turn around and you see all grinning faces have turned into sad faces. You get up in the morning expecting a nice bed coffee from your mum or wife; you see them serving with a gloomy face. It is always said that, your day depends on your mornings. So, you in turn feel bad seeing them and whole of your day goes for a toss.

With the same mood you get ready and start to your work place, the person waiting at the door to pick you up for your office has no smile to welcome you. You are again let down. And after a while you get to know that even you have lost the power of laughing and smiling at others. You go crazy and try smiling but you can’t. 

You enter your office and see miserable faces everywhere. Your colleague is unhappy, boss is unhappy, boss’s boss is unhappy, client is unhappy. Even you are unhappy coz all around you are unhappy. You start working with the same thing on your mind that why am I not able to smile or laugh at others? You go in front of the mirror and try smiling. Oh, you are laughing and smiling. That means you are normal.

Again you come back to your seat but now you can’t smile or laugh, you think, what’s happening with me almighty, why am I not able to smile at people? Now you peep outside your office window and see a little girl selling flowers with all smiles on her face and you are astonished. How can this little girl smile when I am not able to? You rush to her, stop her and ask, Hey, how are you able to laugh and smile at others when others can’t?

She sells a flower to you first and while taking it, you smile at her and take it. Again you are in that trauma that how can you smile now? She now tenderly answers you, Smiling at others when you receive or give something is a real power given by god…. You can only see others smiling when you do the same thing. When I sell my flower no matter how the other persons face is, I smile and sell them. So, in return I get a beautiful smile from them.

Now, as you got the perfect response.  You rewind and go back to what all happened in the morning. I was the one who dint smile at my mum or wife when she served me, I could have smiled. I was the one expecting wishes from the driver, I could have wished him. I was the one who felt all my colleagues were unhappy because I was, I could have waved and spoken to them with a gag which I daily did.

You realise now, World cannot stop one day and take away your happiness, cheers and laughter. It’s Human who mistakes and stops doing certain things which he is capable to do without expecting from others.

So, always use your power of smiling and laughing coz it costs nothing……


Sunday, 1 May 2011

What else could be better than a Play?

“This is my 74th show. I have participated in all the shows till date. And of course I will be in the next show as well. Without me the show cannot go on”. 

All the above statements which I made are very true except the last one. Yes. It was my 74th show, Yes. I participated in all the shows but without me the show could still go on…. Because I was amongst the audience.

This Art form made me so crazy that, at any point I would think, What else could be better than a play? I wondered how the artists performed in front of live audience. How could they change their thoughts and usage of stage so spontaneously?  How would they maintain those expressions without getting distracted? Many question marks but only answer was the person’s involvement into the character.

By the end of my 74th show of the same play, I was so much into the heroin’s character that I had the same expressions of the main lady of the show every time when she changed her expressions. I knew the dialogues by heart. When I came home I started acting in front of the mirror and I felt I was better than her. But who would appreciate my acting? Only I should. No one knew about my hidden talent of acting. So, I could not expect anyone’s appraisal. Keeping it to myself, I felt prouder day by day acting in front of the mirror.

Finally this evening I am very happy coz this is my 75th show of the same play. As usual I was early to the play to catch the first row and be seated before anyone could. This was because I dint wanted to miss the heroin’s expression. I sat in a seat in the front row, I was feeling as if I am on the stage, as if I am acting and of course no one’s watching me, coz no one’s around. I laughed at myself, and consoled myself for not being a part of such a fantastic art form.

“Ho!!!! What am I hearing? The heroin’s not well, what? she is in hospital? Gosh, how will I run the show? Where is my back up Artist? You guys could not reach her? I have sold more than 1000 tickets. I am ruined….”This is what the Director of the play said when he could not reach both of his Artists.  I heard all these from the back stage as the hall was noiseless. I entered the back stage, I saw the director worried. I went near him; I rushed all my guts and told him, Sir, I heard everything. I can help you. He was astonished to see someone from audience in the backstage and tell that I could be of his help. He suddenly stood up and asked, can you find a backup for me? With all my guts again, “Sir, I can act for you.”
Director was literally shocked. What? someone from audience could act? I can’t believe it. I explained him my acting skills and how many times I saw the same play. I gave a quick audition as well. Director was impressed, permitting me to play the main lady’s role and told his last few lines like this “Any way I am ruined, Let me give you a chance”. These words of his, made me little disappointing. Yet it was challenging.

God, what am I doing? There are nearly 1000 audience. Finally, I am in front of them. I was on that grand stage. The things which I admired in the last show had become reality to me .Those lavishing screens, those bright lights, and most excited and anticipating audience. That experience was totally speechless and unexplainable.

I am done with my role as a heroin, I got the loudest applauds. And here comes the happy Director to introduce me. He thanked me on stage and gave a speech to the audience regarding me and my acting skills. He was overwhelmed to have someone from the audience to act for him. From that day, I was given a role in his play. Without prior experience I got a job, for this I had to thank myself and guts inside me.

That day I recollected my statement which I made before -
“This is my 74th show. I have participated in all the shows till date. And of course I will be in the next show as well. Without me the show cannot go on”.
And how it is changed now -
“This is my 75th show. I have participated in all the shows till date. And of course I will be in the next show as well. Without me this show couldn’t have been completed”. 

Believing in yourself will make you reach the dream, which you thought was just a Dream.