Tuesday, 21 June 2011

A Magical bell....

After a tiring day at office, finally I am back at home. Let me sit on my lazy chair for a while, take rest and then see what else is left for the day. 

Comfortable lazy chair, I wish I would be you in my next incarnation, so that, I could always sleep. Saying this, I went to a little nap which took me to a wonderful dream land.

That’s me in a cloudy palace, what am I doing here? I am searching for something, what’s that? That’s a bell. I am so happy holding it. Why is it so? Hmmm let’s find out what’s happening with me. I look so rich (at least in the dream) I am holding a bell which I found in this cloudy palace. I rang the bell; a servant comes and keeps my diamond studded shoes on the velvet carpet!

Here I am in a gorgeous chariot, going around my palace. I feel I have the power in my hands and I have to use it. Do you know what that power is? It is a bell which made me a princess. This bell had a special character- if I ring the bell and wish for something I want; it grants me the wish in eye blinking time.

I was a normal person with lots of ambitions to achieve. Suddenly I was a changed person with power in my hands. And all my ambitions looked small in front of the power I had got. I didn’t give a second thought as to what happens when I lose this power. I started converting all my ambitions into reality. I cut beautiful trees and constructed roads, I thought chariot is old fashioned and wished for luxury cars, I built factories, and I changed a real naturally built region into a concrete jungle. These were all made by just ringing the magical bell.

Finally after all my ambitions were done, I had to appoint more people to look after them. I appointed Chief Ministers, MP’s, MLA’s etc. etc. to administer the world I had built. One fine day at my palace I am resting with the magical bell next to me. A person rings the doorbell of the palace. Where my servants are? No body are seen? I took the bell rang it. Guess what? It’s not working.

It took a while to understand what had really happened. 

After I had built my own concrete jungle and gave a name for it as development of the society, there were people who were jealous of my progress. The news of me having the magical bell had already spread so far, that people without my notice wanted to have it and fulfil their wishes as well. When I was resting, the bell which I had used was replaced with a dummy one by the authorities whom I appointed and was used for corruption without my knowledge.

After I see there were no servants to open the door, I go near the door to open it. I was stabbed and killed by the person at the door. This was to maintain the secrecy of the bell. 

Again the door bell’s ringing and this time it’s not a dream and is a reality.  The dream had taught me a lesson .I was scared to go near the door. I panicked what if someone stabs and kills me. Then comes an aggressive voice from my sister who is standing outside in a heavy rain, yelling at me, Ranju, can you open the door for god’s sake. How many times I have to ring the bell?

I explained the whole story to my sis and with a big laugh we got out of my dream and wished this dream would not come true because if we have something so easy to make our dream come true no one in this world would strive to reach their goals.



  1. Trin trin I rang the bell...
    did u vanish by any chance :D

    -he he he kidding!!! Good thought ...
    keep them flowing!

  2. Fantastic one...!! Good going Ranju...!!!Just liked the way the whole post flowed smoothly....!! Keep it coming...!!!