Thursday, 25 October 2012

A gift and challenge of being creative :)

Being Human = Salman Khan, Being Creative =Me, You, Anyone!!

Yes!! Being creative is not owned by anyone. You are the owner of your creativity.

A Picture says many stories. You see a picture and imagine many many stories behind that. A happy picture of a bride might seem happy to me but, sad to the girl who is leaving behind everything for an unseen future. Likewise, this is a post where I am gifted and challenged “of being creative” and “to be creative”. I thank my lovely sister “@Ramya “” for this gift and challenge.

I am challenged to write a creative post/poem/incident about the picture below:

As kids, making us sleep was the hardest task elders faced. Amongst the lot my uncle was a very creative person who put a seed of imagination in our minds with his short+sweet stories and told us to put our thinking caps on. He gave us situations to imagine and asked us the moral. The picture above reminds me of a situation he told.

"Queen of Kindness”

In the land of Kindness there lived a Queen, A queen who’s Grace- which matched a dancing Peacock, Elegance- which matched a noble Horse and Humbleness- which matched a holy cow.

As the Queen, so the people. People here were as humble as their Queen was. They never knew what cruelty was. They were the most beautiful looking people. They were known for the charity they did. They were the only ones who were first thought of, in good or bad situations.

As a kid the above situation made me imagine following things:

Land of Kindness: Mother Earth.
Queen of this Land: Nature.
Subjects who looked pretty: Flowers. (Though nature includes many beautiful creatures, I could imagine flowers as a kid.)

Flowers are nature’s gift which caters us for all occasions of life. Be it marriage, birth or death we use flowers as we use water. I feel they are the ones which live with a purpose and die for a purpose.

They give us pure air, a landscape to see, serve us with their blood which we eat as honey, they are born to help us and they die by helping us.

This is a small effort to write a thought about flowers:

"You make me smile"

You make me smile, you make me smile
You have always travelled with my life’s mile.
You were the one; I saw when I opened my eyes
You are the purpose for my surprise.
You are the teacher of love and care
You always spread happiness which is rare.
You made me shy, you made me cry
You have a reason to live and die.
You are so beautiful and so pure
You are such a sacrificer and a giver.
You are called Flower
You are the nature’s power.
A flower teaches us many things which we never imagine. Let’s hop and learn things from our natures nest and make this a better place to live.

PS: Hope I have completed my challenge of being creative by writing a post, an incident and a poem. Now, it’s your turn to taste your creative food.

Delicious creative meal a day, Keeps pains and sorrows away.

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Women and Death

Women are emotionally weak is what we all know. But, one important thing what we have to learn is, women have great power to live up to those strong emotions.

We see our men proposing us, I becomes we when we are married to them, we see them becoming Husband and Father, we see them in all joys and sorrows; we see them growing old with us. We always fear their sudden disappearing from our world.

This is my closest friend who went through such a rough patch and who now lives in memories of her loved one.

There was silence spread all over, as we walked towards his grave. Minister read the holy book and finished all the rituals. The gathering left feeling sorry for her loss.

This was the most shocking death scene for me, as I witnessed it. I just recollected what had actually happened just few hours before. “Suzi and Mike were happily chatting on their porch. A man loaded with gun arrives in a posh car, points at Mike and the next moment Mike’s over.” All I could do is, see this pathetic scene and cry for help.

I held Suzi’s hand as we walked past his grave. She was not ready to accept the death of her husband. She wept like a baby, a baby pleading for her Mothers attention. She spoke her heart out. She made me realise many things which I had to accept. I mean, which we all have to accept. Why accept? Is because, we all have someone or the other in our lives who travelled that extra miles with us and supported us  to clear-out our baggage by extending their love, whose love makes us not to accept their loss. Indeed!! We have to accept.

Wiping her tears, Suzi started her conversation about her past life with Mike and her future life without Mike. Her voice was choked. “I always told Mike not to die before me coz world is boring without him. He smiled at me and said- Do you know what Jack Lemmon has told? ‘Death ends a life, not a relationship.’ I am always with you here and everywhere Suzi.” Should I trust Mike? Is he with me now? No answer from my end. I stood speechless.

Suzi recalled about Mike’s funeral arrangements and said few words which were touching. “I did interiors to his dream home, now… I select design of his coffin. I chose his wedding suit and now… it’s his funeral and his last suit. I dedicated a song on radio for him on our anniversary and now... I pick songs to be played on this day which I dint think about, even in my wildest of dreams”.

All these words of hers hit me like a sturdy storm. I asked Suzi this pain of hers means not to be close enough to anyone and is it a mistake to love someone from bottom of your heart and ultimately suffer their loss which nothing on earth can compensate?

Suzi looked deep in her Son’s eyes and told: I see my future in him. I know, he has been raised so well that he will become an inspiration as his father was. Death might be forgotten but Memories wont. I now live with his memories.

Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal.  ~From a headstone in Ireland….

PS: Inspired by an episode about Death and Women’s feelings from Desperate Housewives.