Sunday, 20 August 2017

Bristol's Friendly Ghost--BFG (A true incident)

A place near London, Milton Keynes. A very pretty city where my daughter Ranjana and son-in-law Abhishek live. For now, this is our home for couple of months.We were all exited and geared up on a beautiful Saturday morning to visit Bristol for International Balloon fiesta. 

Though the Balloons did not fly for obvious reasons #goodweather,  we couldn't forget the amazing food we had at Abhishek's friends which gave us more joy than seeing balloons fly. After heavy dinner, we started back to Milton Keynes around 10pm. Who
knew what awaited us on our way back home.

As we sang,played word games and were bored, we were looking for something exciting. Ah! All the motorway roads are closed. Isn't it exciting Abhishek exclaimed! It was around 11pm, thick forest,pitch dark all around, big lavish houses which looked haunted, silence was the only sound we could hear. 

While we were constantly looking for help in a no mans land, there we saw an elder lady on her powered wheelchair. For once we ignored her and stopped our car beside a huge house to seek help from technology. Abhishek was busy asking google to take us home. Thanks to the thick forest, we did not have any mobile reception there. 

People here strictly follow early to bed early to rise policy. While we were shocked to see a lady at that hour, Ranjana scared us by saying, Mum, would that be a ghost? To see a lady who was well built with long grey hair anyone could have a weak heart. All the scary stories we heard in our childhood days crossed our minds. 

Ranjana's dad wanted to scare us more and started narrating an incident which her granddad faced very long back in our native village. While granddad was coming back home he got lost in the middle of no where in a huge jungle, right then he met one of the workers who worked for grandad and that person helped grandad reach home. What's scary in that Ranjana asked sarcastically? When her dad continued the story--- when granddad thanked the worker the next day for his kindness, the worker was surprised and told granddad that he was not in town from past 2 days. That's when we were super scared and didn't want to get down from our car. Some ghosts will be friendly too, dad laughed! 

Scared and still looking for help, we hear someone knock on the car window. Whom should we see when we lift our heads? It's none other than the lady we were talking about all these while. Ranjana was so scared and she was not willing to open the window. All of us in the car gave a willing nod and Abhishek opened the window. There she was standing tall asking if we were lost. Ranjana and I were sweating in that cold weather while Abhishek and Ranjana's dad sat calmly in the car. 

The lady shook my shivering hand when we realised that she was not a ghost but a friendly person who helped us with her old fashioned map, explained the routes for atleast 15 minutes, marked each and every landmarks for us and made us reach home safe. Hats off to her geography, she was god sent. 

Laughing at our mental blocks and feeling sorry for the judgements we made, we thanked her kindness and knowledge in our hearts. As we spoke about this incident all the way long, we did not get to know how fast we reached home.  

We really wanted to call her and tell her how thankful we were for her help, sadly we did not have her contact. As we slept peacefully in the night, someone asked me with a low voice--- Were my instructions right? I hope you guys reached home safe. 

Next morning! I woke up all perplexed, as to who that was! I still wonder, who that was? 


As narrated and written in Kannada by my super creative mother-- Savitha.
Tried Translating in English--Ranjana
Characters in our story-- Son In Law, Ranjana's dad and God sent human navigation system(Elder lady). 

Saturday, 1 April 2017

Distance! A teacher

As the pampered one in my family, If I had ever left mom, dad and sister for more than few weeks that was only to get more pampered in my native. Not so proud to say that I was super pampered but yeah! It was fun. 

Woke up in a zen mode today and was thinking how far have I come? From a girl who innocently roamed around in a small town to a woman who has been independent enough in exploring unknown places. Yes, that's a good change I see in myself. 

My biggest strength, family and friends. Family my lifeline and few selfless friends who wish for our happiness and nothing else. I'm blessed to have a family which gave me my space. They never forced things up on me and raised me not to be dependent. Those were the days when mom went out to work. When both the parents are working, you are forced to be independent I guess, at least this was the case at my home. 

My sister and I, cursed ourselves when dad woke us up early in the morning and made us run to car driving lessons. When mom made us do our own dishes and the basic laundry. Also, can't forget those days when I and my sister wanted more pampering from my grandparents who were happy if we bunked school for a day or two but we were asked not to cheat on our commitments. Today, I sit miles away from my home and thank them for making me independent.

The distance is thousands of miles between Me, parents and sister but the values they gave us stay very close to my heart. As a child we learn what we see. Whatever community services I'm involved in today, is just because I saw dad helping many of his students who were in need, mom worked hard in the day and still managed to donate blood post her working hours for the needy. My sister helped orphanages and old age homes. My whole satisfaction of giving back to the society has come from what I saw in my family. 

Like dad always said- Though distance is not good, it's the best teacher. He always wanted me and my sister to get out and explore. That's what we are doing now. Working hard, partying harder, following our dreams and passion. 

"To live is to learn, and to learn is to live. Live. Learn."

Image and quote courtesy: Google :)