Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Again the home is empty!

The day before you came, our home was empty. The day you left us, our home and hearts are empty!!

Your cry was filled as a soothing tune in nook and corner of our home, your little feet was struggling to carry those heavy golden anklets.  Your Barbie doll looks, your big eyes, your tender palms, words fall short to describe you my lovely daughter.

The joy me and your mother shared when we brought you home is inexplicable. Each sentence was started and ended with you in it. Your naughtiness, the way you made us run around you. How much should I cry to get back those irreplaceable moments? You just took all those and much more awaited happiness in just a blink. What made you think that we deserve this? Oh dear, oh dear!!

Your mother is thrown apart today. How will I console her? What will I console her as, when for sure I know you are not coming back to us? What else does she need apart from you in her life? There is no hope that I can build in her. I wish you understood the situation I am in. Being a man doesn't mean I am strong enough to handle this. Oh dear, oh dear!!

Hope you are seeing us beg for an answer, look at our thirst to know about your hard decision. I want to steal that moment of haste. I want to go back and give a solution for that question which made you end your life. Time has flown and will never come back. Though we dint give birth to you, we thought of a life only with you. Oh dear, Oh dear!!

As parents we always wish you the best wherever you are. Waiting for the day which answers your misery. Only thing we know is to hold on to your memory. Rest in peace you beautiful soul. Oh dear, Oh dear!!

Again the home is empty, again our hearts are empty!!

PS: Dedicated to all those who are suffering because of teen suicides, without even knowing the reason for their loved ones death.

We hardly get a life filled with happiness. Live life to the fullest. Explore, Enjoy and Challenge life. Never kill it yourself.

Image courtesy: Google.