Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Girl in the new city!

It’s been a while that I said Hello to you all. Been busy!

I will try to explain how busy I was---“Relocation”. Hope that explains.
“Setting up life in a new place, God! Not a joke at all”. When this happened to me, I really understood what being busy was.

Well, take life as it comes has always been my Mantra.

Let me walk you all through what was/is happening:

·        Embrace the change and be happy for your new life--Leaving my amazing family, friends and Bengaluru was a very great deal for me. I never left my family or Bengaluru before this big move. It was hard to bid adios to my super-fun family and my gang. It was really sad to see tears in mom, dad’s eyes, missed those comforting hugs from sister-BIL and my 6 month old nephew who had just started recognizing me. In total, my life was set there. But yes, Life has to go on… Hello new world!

·        Touch Down-Heathrow Airport,London--December, that’s when I moved to London, a person who couldn’t withstand 20 to 22 degrees in Bengaluru, moved to a place where minus temperature is common. People here waited for the snow when I wore clothes starting from size “S” to size “XXL”. Feeling Cold---Get used to it!

·        A Friend in need – Is indeed a friend. Thanks to my father who has earned great students. Wherever we went, we found dad’s students and this tradition followed even in the UK. Huge thanks Krishna, Shwetha and their kids Riddha and Arka for treating us like family and having us as part of their family till we found our own place to live. A big hug to all those who helped with all your great advices and suggestions. Loads of love, you know who you are. Learning more about relationships---Family, Friends miss you a lot.

·        New place, New people, New things I do- Though I was a little reluctant to shift from Bengaluru, as my heart and soul belonged there, I had no choice but to accept the fact and move on with the new change. London is always a good idea they said, no wonder people fall in love with this place. It’s truly a welcoming city. I’m very much in love with the Place, People and things I do here.

Ø Saw royal and elegant London, didn’t get a chance to study ;) but toured oxford, roamed parks and lakes and still exploring the place is on and will always be!
Ø Joined a run club, started socialising and found many new friends who helped a lot to complete my first 5km in an official race. From a person who ran 5 minutes to a person who runs 5kms now. Miles to go before I sleep!
Ø Couldn’t keep hands-off from the work I did with Aapathsahaya foundation (Afn), Samarthanam, Courtesy. Of course, I will always be connected through heart but I miss the physical presence. As Afn says “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” “World is one family”, I have joined a charity shop nearby to serve as a volunteer. Hope this will never end and I’m sure it will always be a part of who I’m!

To sum up, by almighty’s grace and all the love and support from great folks in my life, I’m having a wonderful time here. Forever I will hold on to stunning memories I have created with family, friends, Bengaluru, the place I worked, the people I worked with and cherish it every moment. Cheers to new life and new beginnings.

Last but not the least, thanks Abhishek my partner in crime for being awesome. By the way, next month onwards, I will not only torture him at home but even at office. Yes, we both will be working together in the same office. Loads of wishes needed to Mr.A. :)

Welcome changes, stay happy, enjoy life!! :)

Image Courtesy:Google.