Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Marriage!! Love or Arranged

This is my story of a dramatic marriage. To be frank I am compelled to accept only love marriages. This is because; I am surrounded by people who were successfully married coz of their deep love towards each other before they got married. So, the count goes like this:-

Paternal side, Love Birds: - Dad and his siblings which brings the total to 5.
Maternal side, Love Birds: - Mom and her siblings which brings the total to 9.

Now you know why I am compelled to accept only love marriages!!

On a serious note, without any obligation to be accepted, my personal choice was love marriage. We all are searching for that “missing someone” in our lives and so was I. I always wanted to fall in love and get that love of my life as my special someone. And that miracle soon came into my life.
It was a usual morning for me. I met lot of my co-joggers in the park; many kids smiled at me. And in the corner, I saw a man tying his shoelace. That’s it!! I Fell. I fell in the well of love, lust and more with this guy.

There comes a debate in my mind and as I was a friendly girl, I thought of asking my mates about this. Research about my love commenced soon as I could not wait any longer. I got many answers and some of them go like this: -

1:- My sexiest neighbour: - Hey, you saw the man in the park and fell for him and you think this is love? Not at all this is complete lust. TRUST ME on that.
2:- My busy friend: - So…. You are in love. Great, people have time for all these? Please, lend me some time of yours if you have plenty of them.
3:- My Sister: - Yes!! That’s it. You are on the right track babe... Go ahead!!

Asking people was just a formality I wanted to do. Coz, I dint want any loop holes in my research. As I got one vote which was on my favour, I started spying on this handsome jogger whom I feel for. This guy was so damn handsome. He was a perfect example for a man who was “Tall, Dark and Handsome” material. I fall short of words to expound how splendid he was. I was no less. People admired me as well. But, I admired this mysterious man in the jogger’s park.

At the park, the next day: - My eyes were searching for him and there he comes. I started an opposite side jog which is generally not treated as a joggers etiquette. But, as we all know, “All’s fair in love and war”. I had to hit only him on my way and as every relationship starts with a smile which leads to friendship, ours started with a sorry and a casual smile from my side as I was on the wrong lane and YES!! My idea clicked and I dint let go the chance. I picked up a conversation immediately.

Hey, I am really sorry. I had a challenge with that kid over there. You know, I don’t want to break his heart for a simple opposite side run challenge. So…, as I dragged, he was smiling and I saw a mixture of all handsome heroes on earth in him. This led to a formal intro from both the sides. This made me more comfortable to talk to him daily and for this lie of mine I had to bribe the kid.

Days flew and we met daily at the park without fail. My irregular jogging became more regular because of this guy. His humour coupled with sensible talks kept me attracted towards him. But, somewhere I was still in a confusion of love or lust. More meetings and more talking’s bought us together and he called me to his home for a high tea the next day.

From morning I was waiting for evening. I saw many changes in me the same day which confirmed that I was terribly in love. I wrote a romantic poetry, I watched movies based on love and finally I saw some practical stuff… (No, don’t think otherwise people!!) These were those beautiful letters which my sister shared with me when she was in my situation and I felt and had the same feelings as she had. After a long day, finally comes my most awaited evening.

With the best in my wardrobe, I dressed very well to meet love of my life which was still undisclosed to him. After many changes in me, I thought of proposing this guy today as I knew that he lived alone and I need not be worried about people at home. I was prepared well. Preparation means?? It means, the guy whom I fell for was of a different religion and I had permission from my family for this, as it is very much important for all Indian weddings. As ours is a democratic family which believed in Sovereign, Socialistic, Republic format, I had full acceptance from them which made me feel stronger.

John was waiting for me in his car at the park. He looked stunning. All the ladies were staring at him as if they were going to eat him up. Ignoring all these I boarded his car. He kissed on my cheeks and said I looked beautiful. Devil in me popped up to say “I Love You John”. But, Angel in me stopped and told me to be patient till I reached his place. 

With hot tea in the pot, handsome guy in the front what else do I need? Suddenly, I saw a picture which made me deviate a little from all these. It was a picture of a lady in the gown at a Christian wedding. As John never mentioned about this lady I was curious. Being optimistic I said “Ho, God you have a sister? She is gorgeous”. John was devastated. I could see a change of expression on his face.

John sadly said - “She is my wife”. A beautiful dream of mine which I stored for years was shattered. I felt guilty to love John without even knowing about his married life and this made me apologise for loving him from bottom of my heart. Here I get to know that sad tone of John was because his love was dead a year back when she gave birth. John had lost two most wanted people in his life. I saw John’s pure love which he still held towards his wife.

I was shamefaced and proud at the same time. I know it is contradictory but this man showed me what love was. As I was embarrassed I left the place and said a good bye to John. I never wanted to meet and trouble him again.

To wash away my feelings towards John, I had to change my routine. I left my jog, I left watching all the romantic movies, dint write any new poetry. After I did all these, still I felt John all around me. This was Love and what else could it be?

Meanwhile John struggled to contact me. My ignorance had caused lot of hurt to him. I never responded. And a strange day which I never expected came in my life. I was in a crowded bus that day. Guess what? Even John’s there. We both were in opposite extremes of the bus. I hear a yell and that was:-

John- Hey, I found out something from the kid you had bribed. And I fell in love with you the same day.
Me- John, are you crazy? I cheated on you.
John- Cheating was because you really like and loved me. “All’s fair in love and war honey”.
Me- This was what I thought, John. I love you a lot. I missed you so much.

We proposed in a crowded bus and people in it witnessed and acknowledged this unusual proposal.

I was now surrounded by a 360 degree of love marriages. Coz, as I explained before my family was full of love marriages and I was getting married to a widower who initially had a love marriage. Thus ends my saga of love marriage. So, we are family supporting love marriage.

We all are in search of that “missing someone”. I found mine in a love marriage. How will you find? Will you arrange the love as I did? Or love the arrange?


Saturday, 7 July 2012

A sincere complaint

Late evening around 8 or so, in Rangashankara (aka RS) one of the worshiping places for art and theatre fans and also for people who are real foodies (include me).... My mouth was watering and tongue was literally ticking out when I saw those vadapav and hot tea served on my table.  RS will always be an icing on the cake to me coz, whenever I drop in here, I get treat to my eyes as well as my tongue. 

The irresistible vadapav and the fragrance of the tea made me float in a different world ignoring rest of the people around me. Bite, Bite, Bite I finished it!! Now I was back in my senses again.  It was a casual nonsense talk with my friend and I was forcefully concentrating on him between Vadapav and hot tea. There were actually 3 and a half people in my table that is: - My friend, Me (Partially), 2nd Vadapav and a cup of hot tea( considered as living people in my imaginative eyes).

After the delicious treat, the nonsense talks continuous… Arguments, Arguments and I win obviously!! Coz I am the only one arguing amongst me and my friend. In between my non-stop argument, I hear a sweet voice beside me. This says “My mom never allows me to eat Pasta”. That’s all I heard. God! Such a sugary sweet voice it was!!

There comes Poorvi and puts up a sincere complaint on her mom.  The environment suddenly changed, I felt as if I was a Lawyer on behalf of Poorvi and I could see my friend taking Judges Seat and Poorvi as my client and her mom as an accused to the case. The case of Pasta begins.

Case of Pasta :-
Background (Loud Voice):-Session number 3 and half, case between Poorvi and her Mom.

The Honourable judge takes his seat. I start the case.

Me:- My lord, I appear from my client’s side that is Poorvi and the case is regarding the Pasta.

Judge: - Can you elaborate this?

Me:- Certainly your honour. My client will now talk about her complaint. Ok. Miss. Poorvi is heard now on.

The hall is silent. Me, my friend and Poorvi’s mom we all are silent. Only Poorvi speaks.

Poorvi: My only question to you is… why doesn’t my mom allow me to eat Pasta? I love Pasta and I can have Pasta as my meal three times a day. See… I am so plump and healthy. Still my mom does not allow me to eat pasta. I really don’t understand what’s wrong with her. Without Pasta my life has become so boring.  You tell my mom to let me eat pasta know… please, please, tell her know….
Those PLEASE, PLEASE bought me back to my control and I came back from all those filmy sets in the background. 

I could not stop hugging Poorvi for her innocence. I saw her mom struggling to pull her back not to disturb us. But, Poorvi never stopped.  She invited me to her home to eat Pasta. She also told that     “Oh! So you are coming to my home tomorrow right? My god! I have so much work. I have to go shop for Pasta, I have to cook and we all have to eat.” Fine then, See you tomorrow. Please, come home ok”.

It’s now time to know about Poorvi. Poorvi was just 3 years old and this little girl was ready to prepare Pasta for a total stranger.

Somewhere I still have a sense of guilt for not going to her place and for the breach I did.

Innocence is a god gift; we get to enjoy this in all stages of our life.

Stay Happy, Stay innocent!!

PS: - This post is dedicated to all innocent people out there including Poorvi. And a special thanks to Abhishek (My friend, whom I referred above) for taking me to RS without which I would have missed this cute little incident.

Introducing Poorvi. A talking doll.