Monday, 25 April 2011

I want to stop my age……

“I am turning 25 next week. I am so nervous. God, don’t make me 25 please….
I wana stop my age.” This was my prayers to god daily when I woke up. I had this bad perception, that if I am aged I can’t achieve anything. This was on my mind till my 25th Birthday. 

I understood I was wrong, when this week passed in my life and made me realise that the good deeds which we want to do, cannot be stopped by our age. The incident which I faced in this week made me thank few people for making me realise what life is.

I went to one of my friend's place to a kitty party, like me there were many ladies who had the same perception of the age and they were talking about me turning 25 the next week and making me conscious of my age which I hated too much. I gave a fake smile as if I am not irritated and walked away from that group and sat in the balcony for a while and here I meet a small kid. His greeting annoyed me because again it made me conscious of my age. Guess what? It was, Hi aunty. I controlled myself because he was a little kid and of course he had to call me aunty and not” Hi babe”.

I started talking to him and asked him, what was his age? He told I am ten years aunty….. From behind the balcony door enters his mom and tells, hey he is not ten; he just turned five last month. But he wants to fast forward his age. So, whenever someone asks his age, he tells them he is ten. I was surprised by this and asked her why does he do that? Here comes the answer by the kid himself. Aunty, I wana achieve my dream goal of becoming a car racer and I will be given the licence to drive only when I grow older so, I am forwarding my age. I understood, I am stopping my age and here I am meeting someone who is forwarding his age. Nice learning for me this day. I went home with a cheerful smile on my face.

After two days I was crossing a busy road, I saw a middle aged women well-dressed crossing the road with me. I was not conscious this time, coz she anyway looked elder to me. As it was a heavy traffic road we had to cross the road together to stop the traffic for a while and go to the other side. She thanked me for crossing along with her and we started with general talks as we were going to the same mall nearby. 

We got to know each other and I asked what she did and I get a shocking news because I got to know then, that she owned chain of restaurant’s at that age. I felt that I was very small in front of her. It was again a new learning that, age is not a barrier for becoming successful in life. We waved each other and went on our ways.

Opps….. Tomorrow is the day I am turning 25…..Excited to see all my friends and many gifts at the party tonight but at the same time very conscious of my age. I went out to buy some stuff for the party which was arranged for my birthday tonight. In the market I hear a familiar voice calling my name. I turned back. Ho, it was my aunt who met me after very long. We were happy to meet each other after a long time. 

Again general talks like what I did? How are my parents Etc….. Etc….. After answering all the questions, it was my turn to ask her the same things. She then told me that she is a writer now and she had written more than 30 books. She is a yoga teacher; she teaches music in a nearby school; she helps her husband in his business; she is a volunteer for a blind school and with all these she is a home maker and a moral mom to her kids.

This lady came like my wish angel on my birthday’s eve and showed me what life is. Seeing her I got to know age is just a number and not a full stop of the things which we have to achieve in our lives. From this, I realised that I cannot stop my age but I can stop worrying about my age and start achieving things which I thought was just a desire.

Today is my Birthday. I am celebrating it happily and without worrying about my age. I enjoyed my birthday party and started my unaccomplished deeds the next day of my birthday. Like this, we meet many people in our life, which will leave an impression on our souls that cannot be erased. 

Think of these people who made you realise something good and helped you stop worrying. Thank them and become an unforgettable impression in other’s lives as well.

Each day is a new learning, learn it with great thirst………


Monday, 18 April 2011

Still Waiting……Will you come back?

I was in my class one when I met this wonderful person called Vijay. How can I call him just Vijay? He was very particular about his name I mean, he wanted everybody to call him by his full name "Vijay Vittal". 

It was the first day of my class one. We were all feeling as if we have been graduated from some B- school when we stepped from UKG to class one. We had our own group of friends and we refused to take any one else apart from our group mates. Then a sweet little boy enters the class. He is not from our school!!! So not in our group was the first expression of all the group leaders. Strange but true we had the great Groupism long back in school days…..

I was the leader for my group, followed by my group mates Aashu, Anisha, Kumar and Shaam. Vijay comes and sits next to me and then asks can I sit here? This was how my friends reacted when Vijay spoke to me for the first time.
 Aashu- (She was very fat and foodie) so, her reaction goes like this: - Ranju we are not taking him for the lunch break right?
Anisha- (Very pretty and friendly girl) Hey this boy is as fair as me; I think we can take him for the lunch break.
Kumar and Shaam (Most naughty and so called brave boys) - Ask him can he go near that tamarind tree after 6 in the evening, if yes, he is in. Finally after all the witty things done by my group mates, Vijay was in our team. That day just passed by listening to his old schools stories. We all went home happily as we met a cute little friend. 

From the next day onwards we all became so close that, we five were inseparable. We played together, ate together, sat together and also copied together in tests and exams. I was very poor in Hindi and my helper, of course it was Vijay. I passed a big terror of my life (Hindi) because of him I think. 

It was our midterm holidays the next day of our Hindi exam. Mostly all kids will be happy to have their holidays but we all refused to go on a holiday. We missed each other so much that we took all our land line phone numbers and called each other upon our parent’s permission every alternate day. 

It was again start of the school after our holidays and we all were excited to see each other and tell our holiday stories too….Aashu had become more fat, Anisha more pretty, Kumar and Shaam because of their mischievous behaviour had wounds on their knees which was expected. Vijay and I were very happy to meet each other. I still remember his chubby cheeks shaking when he spoke….  We all went to the candy shop next to our school in the lunch break because of Aashu. We had 50ps each and it was a huge amount then. We all took candies and while returning a cycle guy hit me and my only candy fell down. 

Disappointed and shy me… Did not ask anyone to share their candy with me. Everybody were ready to share their candies, but because of my shy nature I refused. I still remember Vijay throwing his Candy without eating which normally kids won’t do.

Days passed and we all were ready for our final exams. Again Hindi and again Vijay the saver of the terror. All the exams were done and we all were again sad coz of the long vacation. I was sent to my native the day after my exam. All others had their own plans. We all bided a sad smiley faced adieu to each other and were out of the school.

This was not the same vacation me and my friends had as we had the last time. It was very boring without them. We had the phone call idea for a few days and it did not last long as the phone bills were scary to our parent’s as it was a long holiday and mine was an STD call. We lost touch and we had only our stories to talk about with our family. But how much will our family people listen? Even they got bugged. Holidays went on with lots of expectation on the day one of class two.

Ahhh!!!! Sigh of relief to all of us coz it was the first day of class two again. This was a very bad day for many kids and parent’s .As this day bought lots of weird crying sounds and consoling sounds.
I was excited to meet all my friends. As I had mentioned before no one had changed from their physical structures. It was 8.55 AM and still Vijay is not in. My face was down as I expected him very much that day. That day passed without Vijay. Me and my team mate’s very disappointed went home after the school. We were charged up the next day expecting Vijay. Again same 8.55 AM and no Vijay. We ran to our class teacher and enquired about him. She had no clue. He stayed near the school. So, we went in search of him, but his home was locked. As we were very small we could do only this much. Here I learn the importance of social networking sites. Now, I imagine I could have pinged Vijay if he was on FB, Gtalk or other SN sites. Fact is, couldn’t imagine all these at that point of time.

We all were let down from what happened and we never met this superb friend again… Not even now when we have so many social networking sites because we can see many Vijay Vitall’s in the search criteria and we can’t recognise who our friend Vijay is, as we remember only his 1st standard’s innocent and chubby face. Days passed, Years went but we all have only one thing on our mind and that is,
Still waiting….. Will you come back?.......

And this story is dedicated to my unforgettable buddy Vijay Vittal.
I thank God for the way he made you, distinct, special and
unique. You were not made from a common mould.
~ Erwin W. Lutzer


Saturday, 16 April 2011

Lekhani welcomes you……..

Lekhani, it means pen. This is known as a weapon in the writer’s hand. To sharpen this weapon, a writer should use a stone called thought. Before writing my Lekhana (Article), I was very sceptic as to how will I open my innings in this field, which has grown so vast? How will I reach people who have different likings than mine?  How? Had become a big question mark to me. But there is a word called INSPIRATION, this is what I got when I read my Sister’s blog. I started writing my thoughts when I saw the way she expressed her feelings through her writings. May it be a serious one, or pulling someone’s leg. She expressed it so well, that I went into the character and came back to the present. For inspiring me to express my feelings, I thank my sweet sister Ramya….

I hope you all will support me, correct me and inspire me…….

Here we are. ME and MY Lekhani welcoming you all to my world of Lekhana (Articles).
Ranju :)