Saturday, 16 April 2011

Lekhani welcomes you……..

Lekhani, it means pen. This is known as a weapon in the writer’s hand. To sharpen this weapon, a writer should use a stone called thought. Before writing my Lekhana (Article), I was very sceptic as to how will I open my innings in this field, which has grown so vast? How will I reach people who have different likings than mine?  How? Had become a big question mark to me. But there is a word called INSPIRATION, this is what I got when I read my Sister’s blog. I started writing my thoughts when I saw the way she expressed her feelings through her writings. May it be a serious one, or pulling someone’s leg. She expressed it so well, that I went into the character and came back to the present. For inspiring me to express my feelings, I thank my sweet sister Ramya….

I hope you all will support me, correct me and inspire me…….

Here we are. ME and MY Lekhani welcoming you all to my world of Lekhana (Articles).
Ranju :)


  1. Wah wah ! Kya baat hai :)
    Super kanemma ! Continue to write :D

  2. Awesome! Welcome to the blogger world!!

  3. Hey Welcome to blog world.
    I wish your "lekhani" is filled with inc always.
    keep writing !!!!!!!!

  4. All,
    Thanks a lot for visiting my blog spot :)

  5. Great Welcome!!! :) All the best waiting for more and more postings from you...

  6. Hey, great work. You are a born writer, daughter of a born artiste.So writing must be flawless like the flow of the oil. Keep up the good writing.

  7. Hey dear good work.....hope to see more postings like this:) All the very best!!