Friday, 16 September 2011

My First Crush

Ah! Look at that blush on your face when you see this. I was once possessed by the same. Everyone, at least once till date, would have had crush on someone. OMG! Come back to present and concentrate on my post now. But, how many of you remember your first crush out of so many crushes you have had till date?

Ask me. I remember my first crush.  It’s very rare that we get to hear about this concept nowadays. That is “Boy meets girl, there is some spark between them, and they love each other and live happily ever after”. Trust me, long back in my higher primary, I experienced this concept. And it was just a wonderful experience if I recollect it now.

It was my school annual day celebration. I was in a play with a leading role and I was playing the role of a very beautiful lady called “Shakuntala”. You can’t see me blushing now but actually I’m. Okay, with not too many diversions let me get into the actual ‘What happened’ in my past.

Here enters the King “Dhushyantha”. This is the moment I had my first crush. We had daily rehearsals and we both hardly spoke when we were out of the character. Till the day when I saw him on stage, I dint realise he was my first crush. Oh! His charm in King’s costume is inexplicable. A perfect picture of a Greek god was on my mind. Totally I fell for him that day.

I don’t know what it was called. I was too young to do that kind of math then. That day was an awesome shocker of my life time. He came up to me and started the conversation. He said many things like- I looked pretty, I am a good actor and so on and so forth in which few are confidential.

Next day onwards we were very good pals and now I thought the concept of “Boy meets girl….” Which I told earlier, was working with me. It was hard to believe that my first crush was my first love. But, one-way traffic is always bad in case of crush or love. This went on for few days where I enjoyed my days of walking in a dream.

These creamy days of mine had to end. I told you guys that, this remained an experience to me. One day, after school it was again a rehearsal for an inter school competition. As usual I was eager to see him. He looked mesmerising even in school uniform after the annual day. He called me and told something for which, for a moment I was dumbstruck. He said it. The same thing, which I had. Yes, yes… it is the same thing. He had a “Crush” but I never heard it fully.

Finally! I said to my soul. Oh, I knew you would say this… I knew you have a crush. He accepted and said yes! I have a crush and I think it’s my first love as well. I had goose bumps when he said this. I was curious to hear my own name. Then he told, Listen! I need your help in this success of mine. I was going out of control. All my enthusiasm came down to ground zero when he told with the loudest of his voice “I have a crush with the girl who played “Sakhi (assistant of Shakuntala)” in our play.

Poor me! I stood crumpled. Didn’t have any reaction for a moment. I was his Shakuntala only in the play and not in real life. As all sad love stories, mine also ended supporting him for getting my friend. Doing favour’s for him to make her feel good. Seeing them from far and getting jealous. My entire higher primary I spent days doing this.

It was a fresh leap all together. I mean, it was my college days. I left all my sad crush story back and from there till now… I don’t know how many crushes I have had. Today, once you are done reading this post, go back and remember all those crushes in your life, smile at them. Come back and start counting new one’s guys…..


Friday, 9 September 2011

So….. What’s next?

I am typing this post in one hand. What? Did you guys ask why? Coz I am posting this just a week after I broke my collar bone. So, please ignore my mistakes…

People, what do you think on the title of this post? I dint even think before deciding on this title. For that matter I don’t think at all. But, this is the common question asked whenever I feel I have achieved something.

Right from my play home to my graduation, I’m hearing this. I am sure even you guys have faced the same. I finished my play home, I was asked. So cute! You finished your play home? So, what next? Man! How would have my parents felt for this question? Sure thing. Irritating right? If I could answer, I would have told, yes. I finished my play home and my next plan is to join IIM for my PG. Though I wished, I was not allowed to.

After I finished my 10th grade, second year PU, B.COM I was surrounded by hundreds of what’s next? But, I selected the field which I always loved. Whenever I was asked this, back of my mind was only one thing. Bloody! Enjoy the success man then let’s decide what’s next….

But somewhere in the corner of my heart, I was not different compared to any of those hundred people who asked me “so, what’s next? “. After I felt I achieved something which has to be enjoyed for quite some time, the very next moment I asked myself was…. “So… what next?”