Friday, 9 September 2011

So….. What’s next?

I am typing this post in one hand. What? Did you guys ask why? Coz I am posting this just a week after I broke my collar bone. So, please ignore my mistakes…

People, what do you think on the title of this post? I dint even think before deciding on this title. For that matter I don’t think at all. But, this is the common question asked whenever I feel I have achieved something.

Right from my play home to my graduation, I’m hearing this. I am sure even you guys have faced the same. I finished my play home, I was asked. So cute! You finished your play home? So, what next? Man! How would have my parents felt for this question? Sure thing. Irritating right? If I could answer, I would have told, yes. I finished my play home and my next plan is to join IIM for my PG. Though I wished, I was not allowed to.

After I finished my 10th grade, second year PU, B.COM I was surrounded by hundreds of what’s next? But, I selected the field which I always loved. Whenever I was asked this, back of my mind was only one thing. Bloody! Enjoy the success man then let’s decide what’s next….

But somewhere in the corner of my heart, I was not different compared to any of those hundred people who asked me “so, what’s next? “. After I felt I achieved something which has to be enjoyed for quite some time, the very next moment I asked myself was…. “So… what next?”



  1. Hey Ranju..!! Neat Writing..!!! Liked it..!! nd how true...Completely agree with u...!!! Keep it coming dear..!! U rock..!!

  2. Aw. I hope you get well soon. And I didn't find any mistakes. :-) Loved it.

  3. So Whats next??? good flow of thoughts!!!

  4. @sethu- Thanks for being first one again and agreeing with me.. will write, wite and write....
    @Zeba-Thanks so much dear:)
    @Ramya-Glad! u know why na.... Thanks sisy :)

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  6. Shocked again....!!! :-P Awesome writin, xellent flow:-) Honestly loved it:-) So wats nxt..?? Waiting to read:-)

  7. @kiran-Firstly thanks so much.... love readers like you. What next will be answered very soon :)

  8. hey awesome one..:) its a great thought :)..every time we achieve some thing n answer this question.. it gives us the feeling tht we are alive:).. prob the only tym we don have ans for the question is when we are dead :D