Wednesday, 23 July 2014

The Power of Sudarshana Chakra!!

Thinking wired is my specialty and being weird is my character!!

Daily I travel to my work and my travel is a good 30kms ride. There are pros and cons attached to all aspects we do in life. Travelling to work all by yourself, also has its own. Let me go in detail and put down few pros and cons of riding so long:

·         Reach early to work, be a good employee, earn good remarks from the employer. 
·         No waiting for long hours to catch a public transport. 
·         Avoid traffic and sneak in from the sides in my tiny bike. 
·         That’s all I can think of!! 

Cons: The list will be too huge but let me try and jot down a few:
·         Sad to say that I add to my country’s air pollution 
·         Ruin my health 
·         Risk of accident and emotional trauma of my family 
·         See many people who pollute on road, do nothing and proceed 

The thing which annoys me the most about myself is the last pointer of the Cons. Let me take one example which makes me mad and hate myself daily for my helplessness to see people who spit on roads. As a rider I fear these people. I see spit almost everywhere. Everywhere?? Yes everywhere!!

Just imagine, how will it be to stand in a traffic signal and to tolerate person next to you spit on the road? I will be extra careful when I’m going beside a bus or a truck. I don’t know from which angle a person spits.

Dint I oppose?? : Initially, that is before getting used to this non sense I see every day, I opposed few people who did this act. I boldly asked them when you spit on footpaths or roads, where do you think the blind will walk? How do you stop a spreading disease? What model will you be for the next generation? All I get back in return for my question is “A BIG NON OF YOUR BUSINESS MADAM”.

The Super Power I thought to curb this: A pen is mightier than a sword. Thanking Asus Zenphones-- and Indiblogger for showcasing my idea and writing. I would wish to have a phone with the super power of “Sudarshana Chakra”.

Sudarshana Chakra: Being born in a mythological place India, I always fancied our mythological hero’s and their fancy weapons. Sudarshana Chakra is a spinning, disk-like super weapon which is in the hands of lord Krishna. According to the mythology, Sudarshana Chakra is used for the ultimate destruction of an enemy. This is what exactly I need in my “Super Phone”.

What my “Super Phone” does: My super phone identifies the person who is a potential candidate who is about to spit on road. Jumps from my pocket, Spins like a Sudarshana Chakra, Slaps that person hard and leaves a strong message which he/she dares not to forget for a lifetime and spin back to me for the next war.

My Vision: We all carry a sense of responsibility towards our society, to the next generation who learn from us. The basic thing which we can teach is “Common Sense” which is commonly lacking in common people. 

Hope this thought of mine to see spit free Indian roads can bring a difference and I believe that with the help of my “Super Phone” I can do what others cant.

This post is written for a contest in Indiblogger conducted for Asus Zenphones known as   “In search of Incredible”.

Image courtesy: Google Search. Editing Courtesy: Myself


Sunday, 22 June 2014

Dream A Dream

She was rushing to catch a train to Mysore. That evening Bangalore was crazily crowded due to heavy rains and Shwetha was about to miss her Train. In a hassle she reached the station and just then, the train moved. She ran like Kareena Kapoor in Jab We Met.
A strong hand pulled her in. She fell on his muscled chest.
She woke up in a great shock, while she grabbed the water and drank it up in a single breath. This was because Shwetha hated to miss something or in this case miss someone!!
She exclaimed, Oh!! No!! I miss the dream, why dint it continue??
Meanwhile in another world, Ram held her tight in his arms when she was about to miss the train. Her rosy lips by mistake touched his tough arms as it shivered and murmured. Her tender touch, her wide twinkling eyes saw him in astonishment. She was shy, embarrassed and dint know what to do next. She pushed his manly arms away, thanked him without lifting her head and ran to her seat. Ram followed his Sita as he fell in Love with her in the first sight.
A loud honk woke Ram up and he could not believe that he was dreaming, it was all so evident.
No way!! I was not dreaming. I can’t let her go!! He exclaimed with great regret.
Well, next evening it so happened that Shwetha and Ram had to travel to Mysore. Shwetha was all excited and on purpose she was a little late than usual to catch her train which she never did before. Ram was waiting near the door to pull his Sita in. Both were so excited to meet each other.
That day train was late and as usual Shwetha was early. She dint miss the train, he dint pull her in. Dream shattered?? I guess NO!!
They sat in their respective compartments and stared to narrate their stories to their friends and each other’s voice was loud enough to be heard for next two compartments. With all exaggeration they concluded by yelling, if he or she was here, I would marry him or her without wasting a minute.
Ram and Shwetha were just continuing their dreams. Did they hear? Did they meet? Let me leave it to the Destiny!!
I have heard this quote “Somewhere in the world, another man is dreaming the life you have”.
This leaves me with several thoughts. Is our broken dream continued by another? Will we ever meet a person who explains his or her dreams and it was the exact half of your broken dream.

With high hopes, let us keep those dreams dreaming and try to search that mysterious someone!!


Sunday, 23 February 2014


"Kuputro Jayate Kwaichidapi,Kumata Na Bhavati" by Adi Shankara Charya “ --there can be a bad child in this world, but never a bad mother”.

Enough is not enough to talk about you. A great soul, a messenger of god you are mother.

How can I feel this when I was not yours and you were not mine?

Am I unlucky for you? Did you decide I am bad before even introducing me to this world? Why was my birth place garbage? Can you look into my eyes and answer any of my miseries Mother?

My little eyes didn’t see your smiling face, I did not taste the nectar of my life and I remained untouched by you. Was I so filthy Mother?

Have you ever searched for me? Have you ever imagined how I look?
I know that you know my gender but I am unnamed, Mother!!

My scream cannot reach you; my search can’t find you though we might have crossed each other’s way. But, I can imagine you my Mother.

Let me cry my heart out, let me tell you that I am as beautiful as you are, I await your touch, I am not grubby oh!! Mother


Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Decoding my helmet lock

Enough of a long break to my blog and yes!! I have a story of my own experience. I dint have an eye to see the stories around me as I was real busy in my wedding preparations.

I was crowned a loser this week. List of things lost-
    1.     Point and shoot camera
    2.     Bike keys and expensive papers called money.

I appointed a crew at home to find my point and shoot and the search is still on. The pointer 2 is done and dusted.

Next day, I continued my journey to office with the help of duplicate keys .As I am a sincere kid who abides government rules, I had to get my helmet lock unlocked. And the chronicle of decoding the helmet lock begins. 

The two KEY people in this play of decoding machine should be introduced and these two people are the sweetest and obedient people I have met till date.

      Murthy Sir.
      Gowda Sir.

To make the understanding easier I will use terms as M, G and L (that’s me the loser in this play) going further.

9.45 AM: “L” enters the workstation worried about unlocking her helmet lock. “G” sees “L” in worry and asks the cause of the tension around and explains that he will help in taking the bike to the key maker, unlock the helmet lock and also assures to put a new lock to the helmet.

10 AM: “L” is very happy that she found a solution and gets back to work.

10.15 AM: “G” calls and updates that to break open the helmet lock; the key maker is charging 150 Rs. This tickles the saving brains of “L” as she had already lost some expensive papers; she didn’t want to get into losing some more and instructed “G” to come back.

10.30AM: As “G” was called for some work from other colleague, he passed on the keys to “L” through someone passing by to her work station. “L” was still worried about the decoding machine.

11.00AM: A ray of hope comes to “L” as “M” enters and says that he can cut open the helmet lock and for silly things why go to a key maker?

11.15 AM: “L” is super happy as “M” comes and tells her that the helmet lock is cut open and her helmet is free.

11.15 AM to 6.30 PM-“L” is relieved and happily working.

6.30 PM: The actual play unveils as “L” reaches her bike and finds out that there is no new helmet lock in the bike. “L” calls “G” to make sure no new lock was put and gets to know about the new lock. “L” tries to find this magical lock.

6.45 PM: “L’s” brilliant brain works and thinks back the whole play. 

·        “G” tells the key maker to cut open the old lock for which he was charging 150 Rs but when the key maker heard about putting the new lock, he did not take any money to cut open the old lock.

·        Miscommunication- “L” heard only about the unlocking when “G” called her and she refused to cut the lock, “G” forgot to inform “L” about key maker’s new offer.

·        “G” leaves the helmet in the new lock and hurries to his work, passing on the keys to “L” through someone passing by “L’s” work station.

·        Once the keys were back to “L”, the obedient and heroic “M” cuts open the new lock which was put by the key maker in replacement of the old lock as he thought that existing one was an old lock.

·        Total loss to Miss saving brains “L”- old lock 150+ new lock- 150.

Laughing at my own fate I learnt that whatever has to go will go some or the other way no matter how much brilliant you are.

I was broken into more laughter when the security comes and explains about the struggle of “M” in breaking the helmet lock.

This is how my chronicle of "Decoding the helmet lock" ends.