Wednesday, 23 July 2014

The Power of Sudarshana Chakra!!

Thinking wired is my specialty and being weird is my character!!

Daily I travel to my work and my travel is a good 30kms ride. There are pros and cons attached to all aspects we do in life. Travelling to work all by yourself, also has its own. Let me go in detail and put down few pros and cons of riding so long:

·         Reach early to work, be a good employee, earn good remarks from the employer. 
·         No waiting for long hours to catch a public transport. 
·         Avoid traffic and sneak in from the sides in my tiny bike. 
·         That’s all I can think of!! 

Cons: The list will be too huge but let me try and jot down a few:
·         Sad to say that I add to my country’s air pollution 
·         Ruin my health 
·         Risk of accident and emotional trauma of my family 
·         See many people who pollute on road, do nothing and proceed 

The thing which annoys me the most about myself is the last pointer of the Cons. Let me take one example which makes me mad and hate myself daily for my helplessness to see people who spit on roads. As a rider I fear these people. I see spit almost everywhere. Everywhere?? Yes everywhere!!

Just imagine, how will it be to stand in a traffic signal and to tolerate person next to you spit on the road? I will be extra careful when I’m going beside a bus or a truck. I don’t know from which angle a person spits.

Dint I oppose?? : Initially, that is before getting used to this non sense I see every day, I opposed few people who did this act. I boldly asked them when you spit on footpaths or roads, where do you think the blind will walk? How do you stop a spreading disease? What model will you be for the next generation? All I get back in return for my question is “A BIG NON OF YOUR BUSINESS MADAM”.

The Super Power I thought to curb this: A pen is mightier than a sword. Thanking Asus Zenphones-- and Indiblogger for showcasing my idea and writing. I would wish to have a phone with the super power of “Sudarshana Chakra”.

Sudarshana Chakra: Being born in a mythological place India, I always fancied our mythological hero’s and their fancy weapons. Sudarshana Chakra is a spinning, disk-like super weapon which is in the hands of lord Krishna. According to the mythology, Sudarshana Chakra is used for the ultimate destruction of an enemy. This is what exactly I need in my “Super Phone”.

What my “Super Phone” does: My super phone identifies the person who is a potential candidate who is about to spit on road. Jumps from my pocket, Spins like a Sudarshana Chakra, Slaps that person hard and leaves a strong message which he/she dares not to forget for a lifetime and spin back to me for the next war.

My Vision: We all carry a sense of responsibility towards our society, to the next generation who learn from us. The basic thing which we can teach is “Common Sense” which is commonly lacking in common people. 

Hope this thought of mine to see spit free Indian roads can bring a difference and I believe that with the help of my “Super Phone” I can do what others cant.

This post is written for a contest in Indiblogger conducted for Asus Zenphones known as   “In search of Incredible”.

Image courtesy: Google Search. Editing Courtesy: Myself



  1. Am sure Lord Krishna would have approved this use of Sudarshan Chakra, Ranjana:) Best of luck for the contest!

  2. Good going ranju !! Keep blogging

  3. Each word awakes us towards our responsibility. And shows your long for clean, spit-free India. Great writing. All the very best!!!!

    1. Thanks a lot for stopping by Shilpa. Hope this reaches to those who really need to learn some common sense :)

  4. Awesome idea Ranjana. The idea to slap is so fun and definitely make them learn fro their mistakes!

  5. Wow Very well written :D and a fantastic idea can be used in many places to clean up most of the mess :D

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