Sunday, 22 June 2014

Dream A Dream

She was rushing to catch a train to Mysore. That evening Bangalore was crazily crowded due to heavy rains and Shwetha was about to miss her Train. In a hassle she reached the station and just then, the train moved. She ran like Kareena Kapoor in Jab We Met.
A strong hand pulled her in. She fell on his muscled chest.
She woke up in a great shock, while she grabbed the water and drank it up in a single breath. This was because Shwetha hated to miss something or in this case miss someone!!
She exclaimed, Oh!! No!! I miss the dream, why dint it continue??
Meanwhile in another world, Ram held her tight in his arms when she was about to miss the train. Her rosy lips by mistake touched his tough arms as it shivered and murmured. Her tender touch, her wide twinkling eyes saw him in astonishment. She was shy, embarrassed and dint know what to do next. She pushed his manly arms away, thanked him without lifting her head and ran to her seat. Ram followed his Sita as he fell in Love with her in the first sight.
A loud honk woke Ram up and he could not believe that he was dreaming, it was all so evident.
No way!! I was not dreaming. I can’t let her go!! He exclaimed with great regret.
Well, next evening it so happened that Shwetha and Ram had to travel to Mysore. Shwetha was all excited and on purpose she was a little late than usual to catch her train which she never did before. Ram was waiting near the door to pull his Sita in. Both were so excited to meet each other.
That day train was late and as usual Shwetha was early. She dint miss the train, he dint pull her in. Dream shattered?? I guess NO!!
They sat in their respective compartments and stared to narrate their stories to their friends and each other’s voice was loud enough to be heard for next two compartments. With all exaggeration they concluded by yelling, if he or she was here, I would marry him or her without wasting a minute.
Ram and Shwetha were just continuing their dreams. Did they hear? Did they meet? Let me leave it to the Destiny!!
I have heard this quote “Somewhere in the world, another man is dreaming the life you have”.
This leaves me with several thoughts. Is our broken dream continued by another? Will we ever meet a person who explains his or her dreams and it was the exact half of your broken dream.

With high hopes, let us keep those dreams dreaming and try to search that mysterious someone!!


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