Sunday, 23 February 2014


"Kuputro Jayate Kwaichidapi,Kumata Na Bhavati" by Adi Shankara Charya “ --there can be a bad child in this world, but never a bad mother”.

Enough is not enough to talk about you. A great soul, a messenger of god you are mother.

How can I feel this when I was not yours and you were not mine?

Am I unlucky for you? Did you decide I am bad before even introducing me to this world? Why was my birth place garbage? Can you look into my eyes and answer any of my miseries Mother?

My little eyes didn’t see your smiling face, I did not taste the nectar of my life and I remained untouched by you. Was I so filthy Mother?

Have you ever searched for me? Have you ever imagined how I look?
I know that you know my gender but I am unnamed, Mother!!

My scream cannot reach you; my search can’t find you though we might have crossed each other’s way. But, I can imagine you my Mother.

Let me cry my heart out, let me tell you that I am as beautiful as you are, I await your touch, I am not grubby oh!! Mother



  1. Touching post! Wonder when will female infanticide end in India.

  2. Thanks Harshita, lets strive towards creating awareness...

  3. yeah very touching ranju !!! good job! Keep writing