Thursday, 6 October 2011

I love you...

I have told I love you for many people, don’t mistake me, not in the way you are thinking. But, now genuinely I would like to say “I love you” to someone. Someone who has made my life better, splendid, spectacular… too less to expound about how miraculous my life has been because of this “someone”.

There is a famous saying in Sanskrit which says “Mounam saamathi lakshanam” means silence is the answer for acceptance. Like the saying goes, my acceptance was silence which made us go hand in hand. Same was the reaction from my “someone”.

Aren’t you folks little curious to know who this special “someone” of mine is? Okay, before I get beaten up black and blue, let me tell who this “someone” is. Oh, come on, not that person, not the other one too, not even him, or him. Actually that “Someone” is not a “He”!  Stop thinking weird about me please. This “Someone” is my cell phone’s “SILENT MODE”.

I know, I know… Silent mode can never become someone, it’s something. But this something became someone to me as this helped me too much in my life’s upcoming. This was my companion in my office meetings where I silently without anyone’s knowledge sneaked into my cell phone. It helped me to keep myself busy during boring weddings.

It took care of me when I was sleeping, by taking all my calls and messages silently. In cinema hall, in the classes I attended, in any situation I was in, my silent companion was with me to support me. To whom else will I say “I love you” other than this silent friend of mine?

I also learnt many things from this love of mine. He taught me to be silent to feel myself, to be silent when people are talking something which you have no idea about, to be silent when you are doing something very important. He taught me to be elegant enough.

Common question is, how will I be elegant, if I am silent? I was named ‘Elegant’ when I sat on a dinner table with so called high society people and had no clue about their conversation and picked up the wine glass with my hands sophisticatedly twisted exposing a fake smirk and silently muttered   “hmmmm…yes…exactly”…. People there esteemed my presence though I was silent.

Thanks to my latest love “Mr Silent mode” for his iconic presence in my life and making me blossom in midst of many, though I was Silent. As always... I love you -“Silent mode”.