Wednesday, 1 July 2015

A heartfelt Thank you!

Probably a day in my life which I can’t dare to forget.

I was all geared up to hit office. An emergency call comes and I say oh! Okay, I will be there.
Nothing is important when the matter is life. Isn’t it?
The call was from the hospital. Not to worry, nothing happened to me or anyone I know. But, yes! It was an emergency.

I rushed to the hospital, went straight into the concerned department, they made the basic tests on me and the next moment I was on the hospital bed.
Again, thanks for your concern. I was all fine J

The nurse comes with a syringe, a packet and a ball which was smiling. The syringe was big enough to hold the amount of water you drink in a day. Exaggerating! Ya, that’s right… I’m good at it.

Seconds later, I had a little prick and this is the only prick I can tolerate from someone unknown to me. I enjoyed every bit of what I was doing. The smiling ball in my hand was constantly smiling at me and I guess, it was telling, Good job girl!

The alarm beeps and the packet was collected. It was an enthralling experience. Normally, it’s not good to see blood. It’s assumed that something is wrong to someone. But, we should also give a thought about the same blood which can save a life.
Coming back to what actually happened. Early in the morning the call I received was for a blood donation for an 8 year old girl’s heart surgery.

I was sad with the almighty, why he had to make that little one go through knives and scissors and what not? At this age. Accepting the fact, I just rushed to the hospital to play my role which could save a life in a while.

I had just finished donating blood. The parents of the kid were so happy to find a person who could save their little ones heart. Trusting in god was all they had and it’s always true that, if you help someone, the next person to help you when you are in need, is not really hard to find.

Many things were going on in my little head, how would she look like? What would she be in future? Would she also be that special someone when there is a need?
Carrying a bag of thoughts, I finished my formalities with the hospital and left to work.
Few weeks later, the hospital calls me. They say there is someone who wants to talk to you. I was shocked. I did not want to hear any bad news. Thanks to the good lord, he did not give me what I didn’t wanted to hear.

It was the parents of the girl on the call and they were happy to inform about their daughter. She was back to normal after the surgery. Ah! That was the moment which told me—hey look, your blood is flowing in someone else’s body aswell.

Next thing I hear is a sweet Thank you, you saved my life from the girl herself. Tears rolled down my cheeks.

Controlling my emotions, I told myself—Thank you god, you have shown me a way to give a gift called life though I am not a doctor. Thanks to all those who are working towards this noble cause.

PS: Inspired by a true incident which happened to me and my husband recently.

Donate Blood, Save a life!


  1. Awesome da :-) keep up your gud work and enjoy writing :-)

  2. A very noble deed Ranjana ! Not many care for these things in today's world but I am glad I know someone who is caring and selfless:)

    1. Thanks a lot Rahul Sir.. You inspire us to write these :)

  3. Awesome one putta:) Keep doing stuffs lyk ths n keep writing which makes us feel gud reading it :)

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  5. No words to xpress...sending u BIG HUG for this...