Tuesday, 20 October 2015

I am the way I am!

Every creature is beautiful, you just need right vision to see it!

This post is for all those who have gone through the phase which I have been. Here, “I” is “We” who have suffered this sudden pain which is hard to forget.

We all love asking questions, don’t we?
  • Curious questions asked by your kid.
  • Romantic--will you?
  • Those comforting lines from your family. These are treasured for life.

At the very point, there are those questions which bother us, which haunt us for life, which makes you burst out of anger.

Questioning myself about few things which I had been through, I started sipping my coffee while I awaited my friend’s arrival. It all started when I overheard someone describe me to someone else on a call saying, don’t you know that ugly and plump one?

Why am I labelled so? Instead, why can’t I be described as “one with a beautiful smile, one who is selfless, one who is entertaining? Is it the liberty I have given or is it about that person who doesn’t have a right vision to see me in a good way? Negative comments on physical appearance is none of anybody’s business, until they have gone through the pain what a mother has suffered while bringing her bundle of joy to this world. Lots of questions struck me hard, hit me straight to heart and thoughts started rolling down. Of course, I cannot expect everyone to think the way I do, but this incident for sure enlightened me to treat and see other person in the same way I want to get treated.

We cannot judge a book by its cover and a person by their looks. A short person was once a successful prime mister of India, A stout person is a dance choreographer, A person without a leg climbed Mount Everest. There are many such living legends amongst us, still we end up forgetting and start judging.

Everyone is fighting a battle which we never know. A person with a crippled hand would have served his family so hard that he is in that state today. One who looks dark would have burnt herself in the scorching sun to feed her family. One who looks overweight could actually be a person who eats less than a child and could be in a severe medical condition. We are considered beautiful the day when we start understanding minor issues of a suffering soul.

Back to my last sip of coffee and off my thinking cap, I see a lovely smile flaunt at me and he calls me- “Hey Beautiful, sorry for making you wait.” Then I realised, okay… my partner in crime is no different than I am, in the way we think. He was expecting a shout back from me for making me wait, instead the situation made me melt for the kind of attitude he had in treating me or anyone for that matter.

Concluding my thought with this meaningful quote “People will forget what you said, People will forget what you did But people will never forget how you made them feel.”-- Maya Angelou

I am the way I am, I love the way I am!

PS: Penning mine and my best friend Manjula’s thoughts in this post. Hope the justice is made. Thanks for asking me to write this.



  1. Beautiful thoughts penned down wonderfully, totally agree with you :) keep writing

  2. Beautiful thoughts penned down wonderfully, totally agree with you :) keep writing

  3. It is wonderful to read you after a long time. A beautiful post with emotions conveyed sublimely.

    Only someone with a crippled mind would notice the cripple in one's body. Everyone is beautiful in their own way and we will have to read and understand what makes a person lovely and beautiful.

    Btw.. keep writing more. :)

    1. Always thankful to you for all the support.. So well said Raj.. :)I'm Glad that I know a great person like you.