Monday, 25 April 2011

I want to stop my age……

“I am turning 25 next week. I am so nervous. God, don’t make me 25 please….
I wana stop my age.” This was my prayers to god daily when I woke up. I had this bad perception, that if I am aged I can’t achieve anything. This was on my mind till my 25th Birthday. 

I understood I was wrong, when this week passed in my life and made me realise that the good deeds which we want to do, cannot be stopped by our age. The incident which I faced in this week made me thank few people for making me realise what life is.

I went to one of my friend's place to a kitty party, like me there were many ladies who had the same perception of the age and they were talking about me turning 25 the next week and making me conscious of my age which I hated too much. I gave a fake smile as if I am not irritated and walked away from that group and sat in the balcony for a while and here I meet a small kid. His greeting annoyed me because again it made me conscious of my age. Guess what? It was, Hi aunty. I controlled myself because he was a little kid and of course he had to call me aunty and not” Hi babe”.

I started talking to him and asked him, what was his age? He told I am ten years aunty….. From behind the balcony door enters his mom and tells, hey he is not ten; he just turned five last month. But he wants to fast forward his age. So, whenever someone asks his age, he tells them he is ten. I was surprised by this and asked her why does he do that? Here comes the answer by the kid himself. Aunty, I wana achieve my dream goal of becoming a car racer and I will be given the licence to drive only when I grow older so, I am forwarding my age. I understood, I am stopping my age and here I am meeting someone who is forwarding his age. Nice learning for me this day. I went home with a cheerful smile on my face.

After two days I was crossing a busy road, I saw a middle aged women well-dressed crossing the road with me. I was not conscious this time, coz she anyway looked elder to me. As it was a heavy traffic road we had to cross the road together to stop the traffic for a while and go to the other side. She thanked me for crossing along with her and we started with general talks as we were going to the same mall nearby. 

We got to know each other and I asked what she did and I get a shocking news because I got to know then, that she owned chain of restaurant’s at that age. I felt that I was very small in front of her. It was again a new learning that, age is not a barrier for becoming successful in life. We waved each other and went on our ways.

Opps….. Tomorrow is the day I am turning 25…..Excited to see all my friends and many gifts at the party tonight but at the same time very conscious of my age. I went out to buy some stuff for the party which was arranged for my birthday tonight. In the market I hear a familiar voice calling my name. I turned back. Ho, it was my aunt who met me after very long. We were happy to meet each other after a long time. 

Again general talks like what I did? How are my parents Etc….. Etc….. After answering all the questions, it was my turn to ask her the same things. She then told me that she is a writer now and she had written more than 30 books. She is a yoga teacher; she teaches music in a nearby school; she helps her husband in his business; she is a volunteer for a blind school and with all these she is a home maker and a moral mom to her kids.

This lady came like my wish angel on my birthday’s eve and showed me what life is. Seeing her I got to know age is just a number and not a full stop of the things which we have to achieve in our lives. From this, I realised that I cannot stop my age but I can stop worrying about my age and start achieving things which I thought was just a desire.

Today is my Birthday. I am celebrating it happily and without worrying about my age. I enjoyed my birthday party and started my unaccomplished deeds the next day of my birthday. Like this, we meet many people in our life, which will leave an impression on our souls that cannot be erased. 

Think of these people who made you realise something good and helped you stop worrying. Thank them and become an unforgettable impression in other’s lives as well.

Each day is a new learning, learn it with great thirst………



  1. "I looked small in front of her" you are small :P
    and how can you turn 25 when i turn 23 and we were in the same class??
    Nice train of thoughts and a well structured blog though :)

  2. :) You make me old by making urself 25 ;)
    Nice article... Age is just a number... well said.

    Keep writting

  3. "I" is not Ranjana here. Its just an imaginary person. I myself dnt wana be aged and make u feel more aged my dear sis. :)

  4. Hey dear nice blog.....:) Keep up the good work. Hope to see many more blogs like this.....

  5. How true Ranjana!
    We always want what we do not have. Simple philosophy of life.
    Good one.