Sunday, 1 May 2011

What else could be better than a Play?

“This is my 74th show. I have participated in all the shows till date. And of course I will be in the next show as well. Without me the show cannot go on”. 

All the above statements which I made are very true except the last one. Yes. It was my 74th show, Yes. I participated in all the shows but without me the show could still go on…. Because I was amongst the audience.

This Art form made me so crazy that, at any point I would think, What else could be better than a play? I wondered how the artists performed in front of live audience. How could they change their thoughts and usage of stage so spontaneously?  How would they maintain those expressions without getting distracted? Many question marks but only answer was the person’s involvement into the character.

By the end of my 74th show of the same play, I was so much into the heroin’s character that I had the same expressions of the main lady of the show every time when she changed her expressions. I knew the dialogues by heart. When I came home I started acting in front of the mirror and I felt I was better than her. But who would appreciate my acting? Only I should. No one knew about my hidden talent of acting. So, I could not expect anyone’s appraisal. Keeping it to myself, I felt prouder day by day acting in front of the mirror.

Finally this evening I am very happy coz this is my 75th show of the same play. As usual I was early to the play to catch the first row and be seated before anyone could. This was because I dint wanted to miss the heroin’s expression. I sat in a seat in the front row, I was feeling as if I am on the stage, as if I am acting and of course no one’s watching me, coz no one’s around. I laughed at myself, and consoled myself for not being a part of such a fantastic art form.

“Ho!!!! What am I hearing? The heroin’s not well, what? she is in hospital? Gosh, how will I run the show? Where is my back up Artist? You guys could not reach her? I have sold more than 1000 tickets. I am ruined….”This is what the Director of the play said when he could not reach both of his Artists.  I heard all these from the back stage as the hall was noiseless. I entered the back stage, I saw the director worried. I went near him; I rushed all my guts and told him, Sir, I heard everything. I can help you. He was astonished to see someone from audience in the backstage and tell that I could be of his help. He suddenly stood up and asked, can you find a backup for me? With all my guts again, “Sir, I can act for you.”
Director was literally shocked. What? someone from audience could act? I can’t believe it. I explained him my acting skills and how many times I saw the same play. I gave a quick audition as well. Director was impressed, permitting me to play the main lady’s role and told his last few lines like this “Any way I am ruined, Let me give you a chance”. These words of his, made me little disappointing. Yet it was challenging.

God, what am I doing? There are nearly 1000 audience. Finally, I am in front of them. I was on that grand stage. The things which I admired in the last show had become reality to me .Those lavishing screens, those bright lights, and most excited and anticipating audience. That experience was totally speechless and unexplainable.

I am done with my role as a heroin, I got the loudest applauds. And here comes the happy Director to introduce me. He thanked me on stage and gave a speech to the audience regarding me and my acting skills. He was overwhelmed to have someone from the audience to act for him. From that day, I was given a role in his play. Without prior experience I got a job, for this I had to thank myself and guts inside me.

That day I recollected my statement which I made before -
“This is my 74th show. I have participated in all the shows till date. And of course I will be in the next show as well. Without me the show cannot go on”.
And how it is changed now -
“This is my 75th show. I have participated in all the shows till date. And of course I will be in the next show as well. Without me this show couldn’t have been completed”. 

Believing in yourself will make you reach the dream, which you thought was just a Dream.



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  3. Hey your writing is really really fresh..!! Tumba Chennagi Ide..!! it reflects a clear, Innocent mind..!! keep it going..!!

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