Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Always keep smiling and laughing, it costs nothing...

Human is the only being on the earth, who has very special qualities which separates him from other animals in this world. Yes, that is his thinking power, reasoning power and most importantly smiling and laughing power. 

Imagine one fine day; you lose the power of laughing…. How will this world be? Turn around and you see all grinning faces have turned into sad faces. You get up in the morning expecting a nice bed coffee from your mum or wife; you see them serving with a gloomy face. It is always said that, your day depends on your mornings. So, you in turn feel bad seeing them and whole of your day goes for a toss.

With the same mood you get ready and start to your work place, the person waiting at the door to pick you up for your office has no smile to welcome you. You are again let down. And after a while you get to know that even you have lost the power of laughing and smiling at others. You go crazy and try smiling but you can’t. 

You enter your office and see miserable faces everywhere. Your colleague is unhappy, boss is unhappy, boss’s boss is unhappy, client is unhappy. Even you are unhappy coz all around you are unhappy. You start working with the same thing on your mind that why am I not able to smile or laugh at others? You go in front of the mirror and try smiling. Oh, you are laughing and smiling. That means you are normal.

Again you come back to your seat but now you can’t smile or laugh, you think, what’s happening with me almighty, why am I not able to smile at people? Now you peep outside your office window and see a little girl selling flowers with all smiles on her face and you are astonished. How can this little girl smile when I am not able to? You rush to her, stop her and ask, Hey, how are you able to laugh and smile at others when others can’t?

She sells a flower to you first and while taking it, you smile at her and take it. Again you are in that trauma that how can you smile now? She now tenderly answers you, Smiling at others when you receive or give something is a real power given by god…. You can only see others smiling when you do the same thing. When I sell my flower no matter how the other persons face is, I smile and sell them. So, in return I get a beautiful smile from them.

Now, as you got the perfect response.  You rewind and go back to what all happened in the morning. I was the one who dint smile at my mum or wife when she served me, I could have smiled. I was the one expecting wishes from the driver, I could have wished him. I was the one who felt all my colleagues were unhappy because I was, I could have waved and spoken to them with a gag which I daily did.

You realise now, World cannot stop one day and take away your happiness, cheers and laughter. It’s Human who mistakes and stops doing certain things which he is capable to do without expecting from others.

So, always use your power of smiling and laughing coz it costs nothing……



  1. Very nice dear:) keep up the spirit

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