Saturday, 2 July 2011


My mouth’s watering, Pizza’s, cakes, pastries etc. etc. etc… are disturbing me. The only thing on this earth which is uncontrollable is the word “Control”. This post is dedicated to me, coz I am suffering from this disease of “Control”.

I started gym from last week, for my good fate the gym is in the area where I have to cross my favourite eat outs (Mc’D, Dominos, Hot chips and many more). While I am back home after my two hour long tiring workout, all of the above will invite me like never before.

The devil inside me pops out and tells- “Hey, go for a last time. You should never disappoint people who invite you so well”. 

Angel inside me- “No Ranju, You can eat for whole of your life”. I somehow listen to Angel inside me and disappoint all the inviters, speedup my bike and come home.

When I was not on dieting, Programmes in the TV as soon as I first switched on were, Mickey Mehta’s exercises for a perfect body, Yoga from famous Gurus Etc. Now, when I am back from an exhausting workout the first thing I see on TV is Sihi Kahi Chandru’s Bombat Bojana, Sanjeev Kapoor’s Kaahana Kazana….. After seeing this I definitely understand God’s testing me.

I thought it was the end of my test from God. Because my instructor told me that I could eat egg. I was so damn happy. I love egg, so I myself call me as an “Eggitarian” coz I am not a Non –vegetarian.
With full enthusiasm I was going to the shop behind my home to buy eggs. A dog chased me and bit me. As it was a small wound not leaving my wish to eat egg, I went to the shop, bought egg, kept it at home and went to the Doctor.

I went inside the clinic; Doctor gave me the medications and conversation between us went like this.

D – With Serious voice, are you a veggie?
M- Yes Doc, But I eat only Egg.
D- You should stop eating Egg and Egg products.
M- Oh yes, I can do it. But till?
D- Till your medications are over, that is, till you complete 5 injections spread over a months’ time.
M- You mean, I should not eat egg for a month!!!
D- Yes, my dear. (With a sarcastic smile)

With an ear to ear smile on my face. I went home, returned the eggs which I had bought, to the vendor. And felt sorry for poor me for a while. But, I believe laughing at our own funny stories is the most wonderful enjoyment. So, I told all my stories to my Sis, Brother in law, Mom, Dad, Friends and laughed at myself and now I know “Control” is so “Uncontrollable”.



  1. Hahaha ! Super ! Awesome, keep writiing :D

  2. Lovely post..!!! Keep it coming..!!! and be careful bout dogs..!!!

  3. @Kavya: Thanks for the comments sweety :)
    @Sethu: Thanks, Will be careful about the DOGS :)