Monday, 18 July 2011

Miss you….

Miss you Honey, Miss you Darling, Miss you Sweetheart, different terms suffixed but Miss you is the prefix which means a lot to me. There may be people who think differently than me or they may not even agree with my argument but what I feel is “Miss you” is the term which brings more happiness to me than “Love You”.

In three years of my graduation days I saw many proposals, many acceptances and many heart breaks. However we friends were, by the end of each day we missed our gang too much and our good night messages had a “Miss You guys, see you soon tomorrow” always. For those wonderful thoughts which I still hold, a big “Miss you all” deserves.

It was end of our student life. People parted but there is something called attachments in this world, once you get detached from one, you get attached to another. I was ready to see the professional world. So many sophisticated people, so many meetings, so many conferences but we enjoyed that Professionalism and we all became so close that our professionalism was not seen after a few days between us. Though we are in touch, I not being in that beautiful home of friendship a big “Miss you all “deserves.

Now as I am not working and waiting for my exam results and as I hold a title of “Free as of now”, it doesn’t mean that attachment left me. It’s still with me and I am getting attached to different set of people now and in fact have got attached to many. For those people who are still near to me but so far that I miss them each moment a big “Miss you all” deserves.



  1. yaarne ashtond missinguuuuuu ? eno doubtuu ;)

  2. @ Kavya-Hey read the post again you will get to know honey :) I miss all of you all always :) love you, no no miss you.

  3. yes yes :)
    we miss you tooooooo !!
    but you're right here now :P

  4. A really Sweet post..!! Good One..!!

  5. Miss you Ranju... :)

    Well written, Keep them coming

  6. And most times you dont realise how much you miss certain people. But as you said you get attached to new set of people as you move from one thing to another in life.