Wednesday, 3 August 2011

On a lazy day……

On a lazy day, when I peeped out of my little window…..

I saw a little girl asking her poor parents an expensive chocolate; they managed to fulfil her wish….

I saw a young girl asking for rich attire in her wardrobe, they bought it with great pain without showing that pain in them….

I saw the girl as a grown up and asking for her true love.

What happened? Darkness filled around, pains and frustrations came, sorrows danced…..

All mixed feelings were from the same hands, which had once reached the heights to cover the pain.

When the bleeding hands can manage the worldly attractions, ignoring the pain, why can’t it manage the sweet love?

This was the question on my mind at the end of my day and my lazy day ended with a question mark which continued unanswered….

From a lazy day again a fresh day but with an unanswered question……



  1. U've put in a lot of effort to find those right words to match the gist of your post Ranju..!!! Amazing writing..!! Keep it coming..!! Just love reading your posts..!!

  2. Great work Ranju,
    A very difficult questions asked here!
    Somethings are better not answered!!!

  3. @Sethu- As beauty lies in the eyes of beholder. It lies in you to appreciate my work.....Thanks so much.
    @Ramya- Ya somethings should not be answered... so I left it unanswered....Thanks so much Akka.

  4. an unfashioned attire or an unhealthy chocolate would not impact soo much of an impairment as much as an 'un-soulful-mate' choice..

    - from sacrificingly loving parents living only for their kids...

  5. @Vish- Well, I accept your comment to an extent, but there are few things in this world where you expect a quench ….. That is required is what I feel…. So, as I am still figuring it out, I have left it unanswered..