Wednesday, 16 November 2011

You, Me and the beautiful night.

You started it! You always do it! You never listen to me! You irritate me! GO AWAY….. This was how he started his monologue. Loneliness was his only companion. He blew his heart, to throw out the loneliness which was a part of him. Never could he be successful.

“She was beside me, where is she now? Though I can’t see her, I can feel her around me forever”- I sat beside him when he just finished saying this. I held his hand which was tender, the hand which was in hers a while ago. Consoling him with many untrue words was the only approach I knew. But, he was not one among them who heeded what I said.

He went back to that night where they had one of the lovely conversations of their lives.

Why do I feel like kissing and caressing you all the time? Those enigmatic eyes of yours, drives me into some unknown world. Why didn’t I become that good god who created you? Why was his touch the first one on you? Am I unlucky to have you so late in my world? Oh! My darling doll, I am still fortunate to have been gifted you as my love. Her elegant eyes opened up as he mumbled these words.

She heard all these exaggeration of him. Opening her eyes gently with those dimpled smile on her curvy lips and told “Stop being poetic on me my lord, you embarrass me” with her soothing voice, which was in competition with all the nightingales. I know you love me and I do not need any decorative statements to understand your pure love towards me. She knew that I was the only person who could feel her always.

I did not know this was our last conversation, a conversation which left me lonely. That night she was afraid, she was betrayed by something, her eyes were dusky, she didn’t want to sleep. Like a child who is not willing to sleep until her bed time story, she pestered me too much for the unfulfilled promises. Those promises which both of us knew that it was beyond our reach. She was poetic that night.

She started the talk with the most romantic speech, with her sweet voice. Those lines about me were the ones I always wanted to hear from her, from the beginning of our relationship. I was lost in her arms with her comforting sentences, which did not make me realise that this was my last chat with the person whom I always imagined a life with. 

“Hold my hands my lord; your lady will be no more with you after this night”. This night is her dream night, in which she is with her beloved person. Whom she always loved to be with, with whom she was most comfortable, with whom she fought utmost and with that person who she looked more than that almighty….

By closing her lips softly with a kiss, I said, you are being poetic my lady.  With a painful laugh she said. “I always loved the way you expressed yourself and your love my lord. I was hesitant of that love and thought of you every time.”  I was surprised to know that she was fearful for me. The answer came from her with those big tears rolling from her eyes.

“I miss you after this night. But, I go to the world where no one knows what happens and you are the one who will stay here and think of me every moment. We have prints of our love in nook and corner of this home. In this home, where I first stepped in with you, where I had my most romantic days with you. Where we both thought entire life together. How will you live my lord? I am scared to leave you like this.”

With all untruthful gestures, I grabbed her in my arms, which was the most hurting moment of all. I promised her to feel her around always and make her proud in the world she is in. Controlling my bundle of tears, I said, we know that we are not together after this night, my lady, but you are in me for whole of my life. Poetic love in me is expressed only to you my life…..

Saying this I made her sleep in my arms for the last time and told her, don’t be hesitant my lady there is no one around, it’s only “YOU ME and THE BEAUTIFUL NIGHT”….

Coming back to present, with his hands off from mine, he wiped his wet eyes. He asked me for a promise, a promise to love someone till eternity. As a writer, I virtually saw this unconditional love between them and I attribute this write-up to this man, who shared his story and gave a wonderful title to his love….



  1. You, lekhani and a beautiful blog...!!:) awesome putta:) such thoughts and write ups always strike me right into my heart (may b u knw y) and uve done it again with a wonderful write up:) i can see and feel the pain in both of them. Its like one f my frndz story:) That beautiful night has hidden in itself the most unforgiving pain:(

  2. Exceedingly well written.....!!! just took me to a very quick journey into my thoughts...!! keep writing..!!