Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Think of a life, with a “View Mode”

The name says it all….. Yes! You guessed it right. “This is an absolute answer for all of your question marks?”  We all can have a greedy wish for this. But, never expect this.

CUT TO-----Intro


Easily explainable things are most complicated to achieve. I have this attitude of explaining things in an easy way. Understand the rest of my expressions!!! I love leaving “the end” to the audience conclusion, let me start, by saying conclude the intro yourselves for this situation- “I started a game in my cell phone and noticed an interesting option “VIEW NEXT LEVEL”. Hope you guys completed guessing what I wanted to conclude. Let’s go Scene wise.

CUT TO-----Scene 1 “Please get ready, please don’t come”

It’s a lazy day. You get up late. There is a strong voice downstairs which says, “For god sake get ready and come soon. Don’t you remember? We have to attend Meenakshi’s wedding”. You are pissed you go crazy and shout back “Please do the honours yourselves. I am not at all interested”. By then, you get a creepy idea of switching on your view mode. View mode is activated and you see Handsome Hunks or Hot chicks in Meenakshi’s wedding and you get ready in no time. By then your parents would themselves say “Please don’t come”. Even Parents can get creepy ideas. Hope you guys completed guessing what I wanted to conclude. Let’s go to the next scene.

CUT TO-----Scene 2 “I have got it!!!”

Skinny jeans, cool tees and sunglasses, you look shiny. You start your Dad’s bike with a big smile to meet your special someone. Dad with a concerned voice says, wear the helmet. Ah! Dad, my hairstyle, think about it! Don’t you think it’s more important? I don’t wana wear…. You hear your dad’s curse “That’s fine, my money will be paid to the Government in the offence of not wearing the helmet, how can I stop you!!!” You get creepy and switch on your View mode. View mode is activated, you see a cop stopping you. You rush in, wear the helmet and start. You are very happy of what you did. Cop stops you and you say “I have got it”. Cop with a sarcastic voice says, you look young, show me your licence… You realise that in a hurry to meet your special someone, you forgot to see your view mode properly. Hope you guys completed guessing what cop would have done. Let’s go to the next scene.

CUT TO-----Scene 3 “I am not at home today.”

Hot coffee, beautiful wife what else does someone expect other than this on a holiday….?  You plan a day out with your loved one. Sketch a beautiful day for her. You plan to surprise her with your fantastic day out plan. Phone rings, with a strong voice, you answer the call. Your voice soothes after a while, Boss online, “you have to come to office today an urgent meeting with the client”. Your day is crashed. You suddenly make a plan and say, Sir, as it was a long weekend; I am not at home today. Boss says, I am in front of your home I am able to see you. Don’t fool me. Boss was creepy this time. Hope you guys completed guessing what boss would have done. Let’s go to the next scene.

CUT TO-----Scene 4 “I conclude”

What would have really happened with “view mode”? On a serious note. Many lives would have saved, many things could have changed and many disasters could have stopped.  But, what is life, if you get to know things in advance? What is life without thrill? So, let’s take life as it comes. There is a reason for everything in this world. Cheers to this puzzled life.



  1. Spectacular imagination Ranju...!!! An awesome read....!!! Nicely put across too..!!! :-) keep it coming..!!

  2. superrrrrrrr kane :):) awesomely written njoyed reading it :D

  3. :D Super lines in the last loved it :D

    But initial few scenes it was literally Madhava only to me :D

    go to "View mode" and see my confused look!