Tuesday, 27 March 2012

DI v/s MI

DISCLAIMAR: - All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead is purely coincidental.

You must be wondering about the “Disclaimer”. Hmmmm, that’s very important for this piece. Let me hit the nail now. DI and MI sounds weird isn’t it? “DI = Daughter In Law and MI= Mother In Law”. In real life even the characters are little weird. For those who got offended please go back to the “Disclaimer”.

I know!! I was lazy these many days not to write something and just relax. But that was not the reason. I was watching a nice flick between DI’s and MI’s and was lost by looking these bunch of talented people who are capable of bull fighting with a laughing face. These are few incidents which I came across recently and I was provoked to write about this.


1.     In a house party: - There was this collection of paintings put up in one of my friend’s place and this friend of mine is a DI. She had a bunch of awesome paintings by many great artists like Raja Ravi Varma, Jamini Roy, Picasso, Titian etc. The crowd was keen to see these wonderful paintings. There arrives my friend’s MI. Dressed modest, sparkling high heels; her perfume fragrance was spread across the room. My friend invites her MI with a grinning face. But, I could see the cold war between them pouring out of their kindness towards each other. Here starts the real story. “MI to her fellow MI- The paintings are up to the mark. My daughter paints so well you know… She got first place in her college talents day this time. That doesn’t mean that my DI is not great. But, she could have taken some guidance from my daughter before she painted these canvases. Anyway next time she does the same, I am going to suggest her.” This is how MI in this incident ended her criticism on the paintings. Do you think I have to end this incident by giving a conclusion?  I will leave it on you folks. I had a comic blast that evening. And the award for the best criticism on paintings goes to my friend’s foolish… sorry, sorry “STYLISH MI”.

2.    Out in the bright: - A lousy bright morning, holding my hot cup of coffee I went out, as I heard strong voices. It was a usual fight between a DI and MI. I really enjoy watching these fights. It feels like I am wearing 3D glasses with nachos in my hand and witnessing the last scene of Karate Kid. Pushing my witty thoughts aside, I was enjoying the show. I loved MI’s cleverness in this scene. You know why? Wait for this incident to end. Even you will fall in love. Fight starts with DI shouting to the loudest of her voice. She made common people see god’s that day, as her voice was reaching those heights.(Even they, I mean god’s must be enjoying the show and would have thought why disturb them and kept quiet putting their 3D glasses and nachos back, as I did. ) DI in this case was a short female and opposite was her very tall MI. As I noticed and up to my limited knowledge DI had finished all most all the fantastic words in her dictionary. Fight was a very short one according to me. Because it’s called a proper fight only when both the opponents do justice to their roles. In this case only DI was doing her bit and MI says only one sentence after her DI is done and that is… “MI looks horizontally and says I think some dog is barking out my dear DI, I can’t see it. Can you please go out and throw a stone at him?” DI was creeped out. MI was a real sarcastic female as she pretended as if she can’t see her short DI who sounded like a dog. Though I enjoyed the show for a short while, I had a treat seeing this clever MI. Hope you guys fell in love with this lady’s cleverness aswell. And the award for the best background score goes to my neighbour’s harsh voiced… sorry, sorry “SWEET VOICED DI”.

3.    The Wedding Saga: - Generally, attending weddings is not at all my cup of tea, coffee or anything HOT for that matter. But, poor me was forced to attend some weddings because of 101 reasons of daily life which even you folks would have come across by now. Enjoy what you do is simultaneously equal to Enjoy what you see in my case. First thing I do in weddings is standing in queue to wish the couple so that my next target of eating the humongous spread hits accordingly. As the family of the couple were famous in the city the hall was crowded and I had to wait for some time to get on stage. Meanwhile, I started noticing this     DI and MI who were up next to wish the couple. Both were very well dressed and seemed like they were more interested in photographs than wishing the newly wed. Both had a still camera each in their hands and went up on stage. My concentration deviated as I met an old friend and we both were in conversation for at least 20 minutes. I was happy as the crowed moved and was also depressed as I missed this self-obsessed DI and MI’s scene. Guess what? Couple were out of the scene, I panicked.  I thought couple were done with the wishers and went back to rest. But, scene there was different. The so called self-obsessed DI and MI were busy striking poses and clicking their own pictures. Bride and Groom were out of my sight down stage fed-up of this DI and MI couple. I somehow started liking attending weddings from then on as I had an evening filled with funny scene around me. Hope even you guys would explore something like this. So, please attend weddings or family functions. And the award for the best pose goes to…. God, I am so confused and yet to decide as the poses of both
DI and MI were spectacular and I feel the award should be shared between them.
The STAGE is all yours, pose please….

I really thank each DI and MI who gave me an opportunity to write this piece and kept me entertained these many days. “Thanks again”.


  1. :-) haha good you got an idea to post it :-) nice one...well narrated and humorous too :-) don be lazy!! keep writing....just love reading those :-)

  2. ;) welcome back sisu,
    Good one enjoyed reading it LOL like the disclaimer ;)

    keep writing :D