Monday, 14 May 2012

Ladders and Snakes

As we all know, as the above picture says it is “Snakes and Ladders” but, in my life it is always “Ladders and Snakes”. Wondering why it is Ladders and then Snakes for me? Let me take you guys through my life’s journey so far on how this worked on me.

As a Kid:-
Ladder: - Met a friend, who after sometime became a best friend, thought he was the best friend for life.

Snake: - His dad had a transferable job; he went to some place, undiscovered till now, coz we were in Standard 1 when we last saw him and then, we dint have any social networking sites or cell phones to track him and he is undiscovered till now as we remember only his baby looks.

As a teen:-
Ladder: - Saw a heavenly handsome guy in my class 9, had a great lasting crush, got a chance to act as a heroine with him in my school drama competition, became friends, thought he was the one in my life.

Snake: - He expressed what I wanted to hear, Yes!! It was those magical words…. But it was magical for my best friend who played a vamp in my school drama.

As an adult: -
Ladder: - Fresh faces, new beginnings, new life… aha!! It was college days, indeed it was colourful days!! Good looking girls are often admired and I was very proud as I was on the guy’s hit list, thought I was the most wanted.

Snake: - None of them came and told anything to me. They didn’t even talk to me though other girls got many proposals. This was because; my dad was a prof in the same college. Probably this was the most disappointing of all.

As a dream chaser:-
Ladder: - I act, therefore I am. Acting is one thing which drives me crazy. Got a chance to act for a renowned theatre group, rehearsals were on day in and out, worked hard on expressions, we had a very good show at the end in which I held two roles. Thought this would be my first show to die for.

Snake: - An epic ride which left my collar bone into pieces. This was a day before my first show. I was just a spectator in my first show.

These were few incidents of Ladders and Snakes in my life. I can go on and on.
Life is a roller coaster ride is what I have learnt.



  1. Awesome the conceptualization of the post is very very good :D loved it!!!

    Keep writing :)

  2. That was a sweet post with all innocence:) Loved it!

  3. Life is no doubt a ride. We need to keep rolling the dice and striving hard to achieve all that we want :)

    1. @philo- Well said :) new learning every moment :)thanks for reading :)