Wednesday, 1 May 2013

A colourful world untouched!!!

World tours, cars, jewellery’s, eateries and the count goes on. Dreams are many; we all live to fulfil one or the other dreams each day and aiming to accomplish such dreams, are no selfishness.

I feel blessed as I belong to the pool of dreamers but somewhere in the corner of my thoughts, I had a blockage.

Eyes are the witness of what’s happening around. I was very proud of being praised to have beautiful eyes; until one day when I realised that’s not it.

Everything is not seen, it’s felt too- A bright day in my life, I decided to pledge my eyes. Samarthanam is an amazing organisation ( which dragged me towards its noble deed. A melodious song invited me in. I turned to witness all the children and staff of samarthanam sing it with their heart and soul. They all were physically challenged but they were capable to challenge the challenge.

Learning is never-ending; it’s just learnt in different times and from different set of people- A staff of samarthanam guided me to take the stairs to submit my pledge form. He told a girl nearby to instruct me the way. This girl had lost her eyes since birth and she dint even have an idea how the stairs looked. With a happy face she asked me to take 8 steps, then turn right; take 4 steps, towards your left you find the office room. I was touched and tears rolled down, but only go was to accept the fact and do the good what I could do.

A colourful world untouched- Being thanked for pledging my eyes by all the kids who were desperate to see the world through my eyes, I slipped into a thought, a world of theirs which is unadulterated,  which had never seen violence. I wanted this world to be like that in real, which becomes an irony or this cannot be thought in the wildest of dreams too. Its better that few things are left untouched.

Feel and Sense- Many things in life are felt or sensed and are less witnessed. The joy in holding in your loved one’s hand, the joy in feeling the tender kiss on your forehead when you are heavy hearted, the joy in hugging your dearies, the joy you see when you make someone smile cannot be measured. Take a moment and feel yourself. Be happy for being blessed for whatever you have and thank almighty for all those joy he has given you till date and ask him for more such joy in the future.

I acknowledge what Helen Keller said- It is a terrible thing to see and have no vision. Have an eye which has a vision to dream big and to achieve what you have dreamt.


  1. Beautiful post Ranju, we are really proud of you, this post will surely enlighten many to pledge their beautiful eyes so that others can as well share and see this colorful world.

    Fantastic post, keeping inspiring us :D

  2. Very touching post and a boble act! May you be blessed with a lot of happiness:)

  3. Can't appreciate you enough for your mighty resolve and blissful deed. God Bless!!
    And the last two paragraphs in your post is so educative and inspiring. Really a thought provoking post for me. Thank you.

  4. Heart touching post. I think u r enjoying your married life.