Wednesday, 13 March 2013

I have a life too….

Getting married? Let’s consider it a Yes!! So, what thought flashes you when you think about this? Two people one life, bonding for life, Togetherness, Love, excitement and more? I have the same thoughts too. 

I was really excited when my wedding was fixed. Life started changing a bit and the change was good. I became we, single cup of coffee became 1 by 2 and a sense of share came in, without even noticing. I started enjoying this change in me.

From my childhood till date, I have been a person who welcomes new in life. I like making friends; I talk to lot of people unknown to me. So, getting adjusted to my new life was not so difficult. Still, being a girl who is brought up very independently I faced many funny hurdles which I tackled in a clever way. So ladies, fasten your seat belts to hear my way of tackling things, this might help many of you out there reading this post!!! If these ideas of mine work out for you, then you can make your valuable contribution to my fund. (Contribution accepted in the form of your joy of reading only).

Let me first begin with few thumb rules which I follow:
Never say no to what others tell. (means, do whatever you want to do, after all its your life)
There are many who talk nonsense. (means, act deaf, your skills will improve)
There will be advices and suggestions from many. ( means, be selfish, take only those which helps you)
Try not to bother your guy with all the nonsense you are facing. (means, he is used to these kind of nonsense and he cannot make out any difference. Suffer in silence and learn dealing with it)

The Requisitions:

1. Pre wedding requisitions: These are the days where you will have to accept maximum requests from many, be prepared. It starts from head and never think toe is the ending point!! The list goes on and on. Few of the requests I got were: Pierce your nose; I am okay you wearing whatever you want, BUT……, following this god would seem better than following the one you are following now, you look good when your hair is tied etc. ( Beware: All these requests are meant to be treated as ORDERS). Listening was the only way out for me and I heard voices in my mind answering like this. 

HELLO, I am planning to pierce my navel!!
Thank god, I am wearing!! 
I am Spiritual, not Religious!!
I have been looking myself since I was born; I know what looks better on me!!

Smiling at all the voice-overs in my head, I nodded for all the requisitions and till date I follow my thumb rule- Listen to what others say!! Do, whatever you wana do, after all it’s your life.

2. Post wedding requisitions: These are those orders which you will be forced to follow. But, try and workout to minimize your efforts in following these. Few out of many requests (orders) which were enforced on me were: Try and visit all the relatives whenever you find time, Wear the attire what I tell, early to bed and early to rise etc. Again, listening was the only way out for me and I still hear lots of voices in my mind answering like this.

I get only two days in a week, I prefer spending it for myself. I don’t like spoiling others time too; even they have the same amount of time what I have.
Again, thank god, I am wearing something.
Even I am a workaholic like the other person with me. When you understand him, understand me.

Again I continued smiling and till now I follow my thumb rule- Listen to what others say!! Do, whatever you wana do, after all it’s your life and the requests/ orders have never stopped and it will never be!! The more requests/ orders I get, the more I improve my skills and patience.

Few things before I conclude:

I thank all those who improved my skills and patience by requesting/ ordering me. Don’t worry, I’ll never change.
The attitude of mine is not negative towards those who tell me something. I am always open for new and good learning’s. 

I conclude with lots of smiles, positive attitude and I am always welcome for more ad-hoc requests/ orders. But, please keep in mind, when I don’t bother you, don’t bother me!! Coz, I have a life too…..


  1. And the only Mantra is "Suno Sabko karo mann ki" Tell it 5 times everyday before sleeping ;)

    Hehehe awesome post live your life care for none :D but at the same time be humble :)

  2. sorry typo :D "Suno sabhi karo mann ki" :D

  3. I am inspired to start reading Blogs..... :) HATS OFF (",)

  4. I like your post. Love it.

    However I wish you said something different than "I was really excited when my wedding was fixed". It feels like your are excited about the idea of a marriage rather than person whom you are marrying to.

    I like your ideas, they are pure and unadulterated. They all have good intentions. It is hard to save yourself/your-identity in an environment that constantly likes to change you. You have to be firm and it is hard.

    One thing I always wondered is that why people are so scared of being a 'Bad Person'. As long as your intention is to safeguard you and yours, being called 'Bad' is ok. I would not mind taking serious steps to safeguard my family. As long as I am convinced that I am doing it for a good reason, I am ok for being called 'Bad'.

    So, If you tell me, I will not say NO to someone because person whom I love gets upset, you have a valid reason. Otherwise you have to tell that person that he/she is crossing a line. It will help in the long run.

    Your posts and your insights are very interesting. I am one of the many, who is expecting great things from you. Please continue what you do.

    Warm regards
    Ravi Anna

    1. Thanks a lot for stopping by and writing back. A serious comment which I have got, should be thought and replied. I am never hesitant of being Bad for mine or my families good. Becoming a Bad boy or being tagged so, is easy but proving things becomes difficult. I would rather be humble and change things around me. That was my sole idea. Thanks again for that valuable comment. Will try keeping up your expectation.