Saturday, 29 June 2013

Do you feel the same???

It is a strange feeling; I am portraying almost all the emotions on the emoticons list of facebook status bar. Generally, I am a crazy kid but imagine with all these emotions put together, who can handle me? Okay, Okay, I am coming to the reason behind it.

The reason for the madness inside me is a Man*(* I am not a Men hating woman and this post is not about cribbing about Men) this is about Love, Love this Man gave me. And the reason behind all these intolerable madness is the feeling of Love in me. Yes!!! I am bitten by a bug called Love and tell me who can survive this?  I am yet to find an answer.

I am pampered like a baby, I get scolding’s for my naughtiness, he builds strength in me; he is the only one I can remember when I am really afraid to step ahead with a decision. Basically, he taught me what Love is!!!

There were days when I had bad mood swings because of which my voice was on par with the roof but a glance of his calm eyes made me melt. When I was ill he was my doctor and was my medication, when I was not sleepy his lullaby was my sleeping pill, this makes me wish him on a Mother’s day for his pure and motherly heart. Basically, he is my world!!!

There are many instances of me playing pranks and irritating others for which he punished me and made me learn right things. I hate underestimating myself, but though he is in that heights which I cannot reach even when I try my heart out, he is so simple and makes me feel I own him. Basically, he is everything to me!!!

Suddenly today, I miss this Man. I know how terrible feeling it is, to miss the one whom you compare with Divine, without whom you can’t even imagine a second, without whom you feel all other fantasies in world are not yours. Am I the only one fallen for this magical world called love? Or, Do you feel the same towards anyone?

I proudly say my prince charming is one in million. Hope you have also got the same kind of person in your lives too. It might be your Father, Brother, Husband or your close friend. Find, treasure and lock them in your love. Never let them go.
  • ·        fight and Forget
  • ·        argue and Laugh
  • ·        be sad and Forgive.

Enjoy being loved, Love unconditionally. What goes around comes around.


  1. Wow...That was sweet....really sweet :-) awesomely expressed..!!!

  2. Wow thats very beautiful ranjana, yes ofcourse I definitely feel the same as you do... its magical to be cared and loved and one has to make to most of it and never forget to value it

  3. True Ranjana... agree... love unconditionally and what goes around comes back:)

  4. Nice post. You are blessed.