Saturday, 10 September 2016

A Date!

December, freezing evening! Ah, it's obvious.
It's snowing...!!!don't go he said, when have I ever listened to you love! I said.
Umbrella, gloves, jackets and warmers please he said, of course I can't go without it, Grrrrr.... stop babysitting me I said.

Walking on the snow spread streets like I cared for none, I was my own boss on those empty streets. Taking a walk alone was my favorite thing to do. But, but, but no....not any more.

I'm perfectly alright, did not mean to scare you.

All excited to visit the famous tea room in the town. I arrive and wait for my favorite pot of tea. I did what I did always, looking around for interesting things I can take note of and praise the lord for the learning he has hidden in each and every moment.

In my head, I spoke to myself: oh, I can't be wrong, he is surely on a date. Anyone can guess that. Look at his neatly combed hair, a perfect knot in his tie, tucked in shirt, that suit and shining black shoes. A stubborn I said: I was not wrong at all.

He made himself comfortable and sat there waiting for her. For a minute, my concentration diverted as my tea made its way. By the time I shifted my glance, he stood up like a real gentleman and pulled out the chair for her. He kissed her hand, from his expressions, I assumed her hands were as soft as flower petals.

Of course it was none of my business to stare at him and embarrass him. Even he did not care about the world. I couldn't stop noticing this sweet little incident though. All I could see was, him offer immense love and care for her.

Sipping his tea and talking as if he was the only one in that room, I'm sure he made her comfortable. Holding her hands for hours, without taking his eyes off her for a second, he escorted her back and made his way to the door.

Was there anything special in this? This is very common you might say. Hold it right there....I was imagining her the whole time. Confused? Let me explain.

I'm sure there was a handsome guy waiting for his date, I'm sure he ordered  for his drink and I'm also sure that there was no date present. When I saw this incident unveil in front of my eyes, at first, it felt hilarious. Who would dress so well and act as if they were on a date?

Couldn't take this confusion anymore, I asked my waiter friend what was happening? He then said, the man whom we all witnessed just now had absolutely no one in his life, he comes here once in a while to meet his imaginary date and leaves.

This shocked me, I was in tears and ran straight back home and hugged my love. I held him tight and said, please baby-sit me as you always do. I will always listen to whatever you say and will always love you to the moon and back.

Wiping my tears off, he chuckled and said, I'm sure, you saw something sweet or strange happening around you again isn't?  Don't even think of It, I will never stop my care towards you my stubborn little bird.

I dedicate this to all those who still prove that the world is full of love and miracles.

To: Love, a miracle that heals sorrows.


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