Thursday, 9 June 2016

My Super heroes!

No, not Superman,
Nope… not Spiderman,
Not Shakthimaan either! J

My super heroes are these wonder women--who gave birth to me, who took care of me and who showered love on me. Yes, it’s my Mummy dearest (Amma), darling aunts (Dodamma and Chikki) and my guardian angels (Sister/Cousins).

·       No gift to your Mother, can ever equal her gift to you—Life!

She is the Symbol of strength, joy and care,
Blessed I’m to share this affair.
A pillar of support to the family,
Few of the many roles she plays boldly.
She is my all-time favourite star.
Ocean of words is not enough to describe you my super star.

·       Only an Aunt can give hugs like a Mother, keep secrets like a Sister and share Love like a Friend.

Before and after my arrival in this world,
You always made mom and me feel special and loved.
Every need of mine were taken care by you,
I will forever love you my honeydew.
I am an aunt now to a little boy,
I will follow your path and give him all the joy.

·   Side by side or miles apart… we are sisters connected by the hearts.

Far far away there is a dream land,
A perfect place for true bond.
Your pure love and selflessness is unmatched,
Wherever we are, our souls are attached.
Can’t forget all the gossips, fights and fun we had,
You are my guardian angel in good times and bad.

Who can be a better super hero in our lives, when we have them beside us in the form of Family and friends?

Greatest happiness is found in the simplest of things!

Image Courtesy: Google and my collection.



  1. Oh loved it Ranju :) you mean the same and more to us and the little nephew adores you :)

    1. Love you to the moon and back. I will always be with my little boy!

  2. Oh loved it Ranju :) you mean the same and more to us and the little nephew adores you :)

  3. This is awesome Ranju :*:*
    Very well written.. love it and love you <3

  4. Stay blessed, Ranjana! Am sure they all would be just as proud of you !