Thursday, 3 January 2013

My Sponsored Wedding!!!

“If you’re born poor, it’s not your mistake. But if you die poor, it’s your mistake" – Bill Gates.

This saying of Mr. Gates always haunted me. I know few facts about me, which are difficult to modify. “I know I am Poor, I know my parents cannot afford a grand wedding for me, I know I am raised well not to find bad shortcuts to make quick money.” “I also know that I am extremely CREATIVE.”

Before reaching conclusion, let me draw my understanding of marriage. We all know marriage in our lives is a one-time thing (* excluding few immature, valid reasons). Marriage for me is an event which is part of my life and not a life in itself. By marriage, I mean as a celebration as I invite new lives in my life and get invited by others in their lives. 

In the view of national interest I insisted myself to get married simple and invite everyone over a single lunch or dinner.  Strong oppositions came from everyone in and around the family. Fact again, is I am weak to fight them.  But, to cut down my parent’s burden, I convinced everyone with my creativeness. Though opposition was constant, I had to execute the idea for my own reasons.

Alone I was sipping my chai at the office pantry and was a little blue thinking about my current situation. I am the only earner in my family and I have thousand things to pay at the month end which haunts me from month beginning. My parents were worried as their little girl was growing older and not getting settled with a companion. They were also worried about people talking ill about me as I was unmarried.

Suddenly my eyes struck into a hording outside which said “Artistic-I Performance hall Sponsors for your Artistic performances, all enthusiasts can register.” Artistic- I is a new performance hall which is open down town and it was inviting performers for whom they provided hall for free as its promotion activity. I slipped into my creative basket and thought “Marriage = Performance, Me and others involved are the performers”. Why can’t I get my marriage sponsored??

This bug hit me so hard that I could not stop thinking about it day in and out. Finally, the day came where I was all set with the ingredients of marriage such as Groom (main ingredient) his family and mine.  My parents accepted for all the preparations that had to be done for a marriage. Here I enter the war field and say “I have an Idea and I want you folks to accept it. This should be easy for you to accept as I have already spoken to the groom’s side and they are okay with it. I throw a bomb and it’s named as “My Sponsored Wedding”.”  My parents were cool enough as my in-laws gave a green signal to my idea.

short-listed necessities for the marriage and searched for a potential sponsor who is new in the market.

  1. Marriage Hall- Mangal Mantap, is a new convention centre which is placed in a remote place of the city. The hall is very good but did not get exposed due to location constraint. I spoke to the owner and convinced him to Sponsor one wedding of mine which can lead to many and I guaranteed of advertising it. So, Place for my marriage- Check 
  2.  Decoration- Fragrance, is a new decorator in the city and fortunately my very close friend. She accepted to sponsor all the decorations (such as flowers, pendals etc) as she was eager to jump into the market with easy advertising. So, Decoration for my marriage- Check
  3. Event Coordination- WE, an event management company were looking for a potential wedding to kick start their business. For my good fate I bumped into these people and shot my idea to them. They were okay to sponsor my Makeup, organise a performance in sangeet ceremony and coordinate all the important marriage events. So, Event Coordination for my marriage- Check
  4.  Jewellery, Clothing- All Mart, is a new store in the market which has everything necessary for marriage such as clothing, jewellery, groceries etc. I spoke to the chairperson of the store and managed for the sponsorship of the above said with the assurance of easy and effective advertisement.So, wardrobe for my marriage- Check
  5. Food- People might forget all the events in a marriage but food is the one thing which is always remembered. Swad, is a caterer who is new in town and I convinced him to put his first effort in my marriage. It’s generally believed that food should be served in a wedding to all for which we are blessed. So, I accepted to share this part where in I paid the expenses of the labourers. So, food for my marriage- Check
This covers almost all important things required for a good marriage. Hello, where did I forget   Photography..?? Okay, this was not sponsored, but all my friends gifted me the photography for the wedding. I don’t know whether to treat this as a sponsorship. (Inputs are welcome.)

And this is how “My Sponsored Wedding” concludes with a grand success. My creative head came to my rescue and bought joy to me and people around.
It’s now time to thank all the sponsors: and a big banner outside awaits which says-

“I Thank, ‘Mangal Mantap’ for their beautiful wedding space, ‘Fragrance’ for their extraordinary decorations, ‘WE’ for their splendid and energetic event coordination, ‘All Mart’ for their marvellous and exquisite collections in clothing, Jewellery etc. ‘Swad’ for their delicious food.
Without you guys I would have never seen this day.”

PS: The story and all the ideas above are imaginary; people are welcome to use this idea if found helpful.
I Thank my cousin Navya, for sharing the same thought as mine in this idea.

I came across a blog where much greater live ideas were expressed. Have a look and enjoy. Nice thought by “”


  1. Awesome post, :) loved the detailing in the post. Superb :D

    1. Thanks Sisy :) can this be worked out on mine ;)

  2. :-) do I see you implementing these in yours???

  3. Ahha! That is a dream wedding. But one needs to be very imaginative to come up with this stuff. Kudos!

    1. That's an awesome comment. Thanks a lot Sahana. Very happy to see great writers like you comment on my work.. Thanks so much again. Hope I can pull this kinda stuff for my wedding ;)

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  5. Haha.. I was imagining lol...

  6. Haha.. I was imagining lol...