Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Charity Begins at Heart!!

August!! Also means Noble. This month of the year brings with it a lot. By lot I mean, Prosperity, Purity and a month which carries lot of meaning and purpose.

This month bought many surprises, which made my friendship stronger, which taught me to give and which helped me pray for others.

I always want to relive this month of the year and for me, this is possible only when Charity begins. Obviously, the way to do something good begins from heart. I accept the phrase “Charity begins at home” but my parents recreated it and told me that “Charity begins at heart”.

I started doing charity when I was young by giving away my food to an old and hungry watchman beside my home. I thought charity was to feed the hungry. Each time the man thanked me, I felt good but was guilty from within as I also felt the sense of escape I had towards the home cooked food which was filled with mom’s love and care.

Thief had to be caught someday and I was caught by mom when I was doing my daily deed sincerely. She saw me giving my food to the watchman and she kept quiet by not complaining at the very moment. Everything which happens in our lives will be discussed in our family at the dinner table. That night when I was about to eat, mom said a single sentence which made me poor and proud at the same time. “To teach someone how to earn is more important than to self- sacrifice”.  

Realisation will come to all of us someday or the other. From that day till today, I have made an oath to myself to help others to help themselves.

Not deviating from the topic let me get back to what actually happened this month and why I love it the most.

5th of August: The day I will not dare to forget in my life coz once I did, I had to see my best friend Manjula weep on her Birthday. My first blood donation was on this day. I always backed up on my mom’s saying and wanted to do something great which bought a sense of honour to my friend on her birthday and which helped others when they were in need. This might sound selfish as the charity I did was to uphold my friendship but at the same time to save a life with a good deed was my vision. When I discussed this with Manjula, she was totally convinced and it was too good to know that even she had pledged her eyes the same day. Convincing my friend could have been in different ways but I chose this. On this day and forever, I thank all those who have made their effort to save a life.

15th of August: Independence Day!! Day filled with patriotism, day that bought Freedom to our Country and Happiness to its people. On this day we can see a festive environment in our surroundings. Cheerful Kids holding Indian flag, Parade by our great Soldiers etc. I had been to a school near Kanakpura to distribute school kits and this great deed is done by Aapatsahaaya Foundation (http://aapatsahaaya.org/). This cause is a clear example of charity with a purpose which distributes knowledge to the kids in the form of school kits and sees divinity in their smiles. On this day and forever, I thank Viswanathan and his team for considering me amongst them and also thank all those who have made their effort to distribute knowledge.

25th of August: Besides my friend’s birthday this is another day which I won’t forget as it is my result day. This day brings out many successful Company Secretaries and also makes many others sad because of unexpected results. From the day I have joined this course I have done extra prayers on this day. The extra is for all my friends who have opted this course to see themselves and others happy. Hard work coupled with sincere prayers make many things happen which we thought would never happen and praying for others brings a satisfaction. On this day and forever, I thank all those who have made prayers for me and for others just to spread happiness.

All the time in this world is not enough to thank people who have helped us in many ways to come up in our lives. May it be our Parents who gave birth and an identity, may it be our Gurus who gave us knowledge, may it be our Country and its Soldiers who always protect us, may it be our nature, friends, culture etc. which makes us learn many important things.

The way which I always depend to thank the entire above mentioned is to work towards helping others to help themselves and I wish each month is as noble as this month is.

PS: Image Courtesy Aapatsahaaya Foundation.



  1. Terrific one...!!! an Awesome lesson learnt..!!! A thumbs up and hats off for 'U', 'the thought' and 'the post'....keep writing

    1. Your Encouragement brings new and fresh thoughts in me!! Thanks again :)

  2. Excellent one Ranju, so many things recorded for this beautiful month... and very insightful and thoughtful post you have done here! lots to learn... good job Doll... keep helping keep smiling and spreading the smile!

    1. Thanks so much Akki :) All your inspiration :)Keep me inspired as u do always... Love ya...

  3. I love your mothers retrospection on help, its like feeding a man to fish and teaching a man to fish (he will never go hungry again) and you have done really good with the month!


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